black and white sesame chocolate bark

black and white sesame chocolate bark // brooklyn supperblack and white sesame chocolate bark // brooklyn supperPeanuts were first. I’m not clear on exactly how it was discovered, but as long as I can remember I’ve been allergic. I was also allergic to tree nuts and avoided them, mostly. There was that one time on a plane when I ate that white chocolate almond-studded ice cream number. It was a cross country flight, I was alone, and a kid, so I ate the thing (though I did my best to pick out the almonds). Things turned out fine, but even then I knew I’d made a bad decision. [Read more…]

herbed mushroom toasts + celebrating simply

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herbed mushroom toasts // brooklyn supperI (really) love to put out a spread of great food and drink, but the last few times I’ve hosted a big party, I’ve felt like I spent the whole party taking coats, mixing drinks, getting appetizers from the oven to the serving tray, instead of actually, y’know, spending time with all these people I like. So lately, as part of my ongoing quest for more meaningful interactions, I’ve been throwing smaller parties of four or five where I really have the time to enjoy the festivities. A few close friends, some good food, and a couple great bottles of wine is always the best.
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persimmon, radish, and watercress salad + weekend links

persimmon, radish, and watercress salad // brooklyn supperI’m pretty sure that the work week after Thanksgiving is the longest of the year. And this one, especially. Christmas preparation and hard news are a strange and terrible combination.

Brian and I have been staying up late discussing the week’s news, exchanging links, and sharing social media discussions. After such a long, heavy kind of week, I’m looking for holiday escapism –– getting our tree, ice skating, making cookies, and all that. But first, my weekend links. [Read more…]

kale salad with sautéed apples

kale salad with sautéed apples // brooklyn supperFor the squirrels, it started a month ago. The first day of September, before the acorns fell, panic washed over the animal kingdom. Squirrels were more furtive and skittish then ever. Either a deer or a groundhog decided to eat all of our late strawberries, leaves and all. These days, it’s the birds who are nuts; the blue jays have returned from wherever they summer and the crows are back to making a ruckus.

In the human world, early October is a more appropriate time to freak out. [Read more…]

roasted vegetable salad with garlic dressing and toasted pepitas {a guest post for with food + love}

roasted vegetable salad // brooklyn supper for with food + loveroasted vegetable salad // brooklyn supper for with food + loveLet’s make it official, shall we fall? We’re kicking off the beginning of jacket season with a roasted everything salad featuring garden carrots, plus CSA chard, beets, and garlic. [Read more…]

roasted cauliflower with figs and olives + the best art school advice

roasted cauliflower with figs and olives // brooklyn supperLike many people out there –– whether they are quietly stoking a fulfilling career in the industry or just trying to hold down a day job while creating a little something in the evenings, or both –– I went to art school. For painting. Learning of my degree might lead a polite conversationalist to ask, “So, what do you do now?” This is usually followed by an explanation of what and how I write on the internet, which nearly always raises questions of varying levels of intrusiveness about whether these pursuits generate, you know, income?, then the equally inevitable reference to Julie and Julia, and finally my polite demurral that no, I don’t follow Julie’s career or writings so closely, but yes, of course I love Julia. [Read more…]