in which brian saves thanksgiving

roast turkey // brooklyn supper
Thanksgiving in our apartment is normally a time when Elizabeth and I form a cooking superteam, turn out an incredible feast, regale our guests with our wit, and end the day by making a good dent in the stacks of dishes. But for much of last Thursday, I was a man alone in the kitchen. Not alone exactly. A man watching two children and putting together a Thanksgiving feast until our first guest, our dear friend Lily, arrived and helped with the child care while I cooked. As trying as managing Thanksgiving on my own was, I was actually the better off of the two of us. [Read more…]

buttermilk pumpkin pie

pumpkin buttermilk pie // brooklyn supper
Holiday traditions always seemed so fixed and immutable, but as Brian and I have built our own life and pieced together ways of celebrating from our own families while adding elements of our own, I’ve watched our daughters come to see these new holiday traditions as the timeless, ancient rites, even as I’ve had my eyes opened to how alive and changing they are. It’s a delight to watch the kids form their own holiday memories and nostalgia with familiar foods, flavors, and smells.

Brian and I began hosting our own Thanksgiving pretty early on, and have been tinkering with traditions ever since. We always get a heritage breed turkey, we make traditional cranberry sauce (for Brian) and super tangy cranberry relish (for me), and always, always there’s pumpkin pie. [Read more…]

roast turkey breast

roast turkey breast recipe | brooklyn supper
The great challenge in roasting a whole turkey–the challenge that leads people to fashion aluminum foil shields for cooking their turkeys, that leads to a spate of tedious posts and articles every November about the best way to brine a turkey, that leads people to burn down their houses using turkey fryers, that leads me to nearly scald or actually scald myself with hot turkey juices as I flip it mid-roast with dish towels every Thanksgiving–is the challenge of fully cooking the dark meat without drying out the breast. The simple solution to this problem is to cook them separately. Apart from that brief interlude between roasting and carving when everyone can admire what a beautiful bird you have, there’s no real advantage to cooking a turkey in one piece. You’re going to serve it in many pieces. And by separating the dark meat from the white, you can give each part the time it needs. [Read more…]

domino roasted sweet potatoes

Domino roast sweet potatoes | Brooklyn Supper; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved As we ease into the middle of November, Thanksgiving looms pretty large. Very slowly, we’re gearing up. With a small group expected, we’re planning to simplify things by skipping some of the tired Thanksgiving staples (Sweet potato casserole, I’m looking at you). But you know, you can’t just ditch a holiday favorite without  a replacement waiting in the wings, so I’ve been trying out sweet potato recipes all week. [Read more…]

hasselback sweet potatoes

hasselback sweet potatoes

And we’re off. After a slow start, and near denial, Thanksgiving preparations are well under way. The promised “flurry of posts” has not come to fruition, but I did want to check in briefly and wish you and yours safe travels and a very happy Thanksgiving.

I also wanted to share these simple Hasselback sweet potatoes with a spicy lime vinaigrette. Simple and satisfying, they are an excellent healthy sweet potato option. Thanksgiving aside, they’re also a great cold weather side.

Get our recipe over on’s Family Kitchen.

loss, thanks, and pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie from scratch

Things have been pretty quiet around here. We said goodbye to our sweet pup Oscar last Friday, and since then I’ve been pretty blue. But the thing is, when you have two kids and a busy life, it’s hard to stop time and just be sad. The days when I could wallow in sadness, alternating between lounging in bed and long baths, are over. No matter what we’re feeling, lunch needs to be packed, people need to be picked up, dropped off, and life goes on. But amidst the hustle, there’s a stray hair, or a tennis ball rolling out from under the couch and my heart breaks all over again. [Read more…]