smoked salmon toasts with dill and cream cheese

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smoked salmon toasts with dill and cream cheese // brooklyn supper
In grad school, I lived in Boston’s Beacon Hill, a neighborhood that can now claim to be the unlikely former home of Ted Kennedy, Sylvia Plath, John Kerry, and me in my art student days. Although I felt out of place, I adored the worn brick sidewalks and the view of a picturesque courtyard from my tiny basement studio. I loved to entertain, and would invite way too many people over to sit on my floor and eat beans (or something else that fit my limited budget). This haphazard dinner party style followed me all through my many East Coast moves, to apartments of varying sizes, all with mismatched chairs that were uncomfortable and too few. I’ve been under the impression that I love throwing parties ever since. [Read more…]

toasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins

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Tracking Pixeltoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn suppertoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn supper

We don’t need to be saints about eating good food. In the past, I thought that eating kale meant going full-throttle healthy and serving it with just a squeeze of lemon and a side of filtered water. It’s the same impulse that drives people to eat unseasoned steamed vegetables to make up for past indulgences. Sometimes, those things are good, but I think we should all be a little more comfortable making healthy food taste delicious. After all, it dramatically increases the chances that we’ll actually eat our vegetables. [Read more…]

olive oil carrot bread with candied carrots

olive oil carrot bread with candied carrots // brooklyn supperOver dinner, she asks, “If you could be anyone, who would it be?” Before she and her sister were born, I might have entertained the idea, but now, I wouldn’t change a thing. Understanding the improbability of it all, she says that I can have them and Brian and still be someone else. I say, “Someone rich, I guess.” But then I can’t think of anyone rich or brilliant I’d really want to be. I can’t think of another life I’d trade for my stressful, messy, chaotic one. (Surely, some more intensive thought might turn up the ideal life – if only based on location; in the moment, though, this is how is was.)  [Read more…]

green rice with poached fish and herbed brown butter

green rice with poached fish and herbed brown butter // brooklyn supperWhen I was 5 or 6, I played tee-ball. Coordination was never my strong suit and neither was attentiveness. With this in mind, the coach relegated me to the deep outfield behind third base, where I was left to make clover chains, eat grass stems, and, always, get caught completely off guard when the occasional ball came speeding my way. My outfield technique did have one advantage, at least — everyone moved in when I came to bat, freeing me up to hit the ball right over their unsuspecting heads. [Read more…]

roasted baby artichokes and pearl onions

roasted baby artichokes and pearl onions // brooklyn supperroasted baby artichokes and pearl onions // brooklyn supperLess than a week ago, things were completely frozen. Then suddenly, the natural world began to stir. All but the most stubborn mounds of snow melted, a few adventurous crocuses pushed up thorough the ground, and even the very first bugs careened drunkenly through the air. Small talk in town centers solely on plants –– which trees have buds, which flowers have sprouted, which plants survived the winter. The magic of spring is deep and undeniable.
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roasted beet wedges with herbed green onion tzatziki

roasted beet wedges with tzatziki11Blogging can really ruin your desire to cook. February, too. During the past few weeks, I’ve had a string of recipe fails –– both the blogging kind and the oh-shit-dinner’s-disgusting kind. (The former is my job, so fails are part of the process, but a ruined dinner is just heartbreaking.) No matter what I’m making, the blog looms large. I’m constantly taking notes and snapping pics, just in case the recipe I’m winging turns into something I want to develop for this space. But after so many painful fails, I needed to give the blog less mental space when I was in the kitchen. [Read more…]