grilled chicken with grilled lemon and garlic relish

grilled chicken with grilled lemon and garlic relish // brooklyn suppergrilled chicken with grilled lemon and garlic relish // brooklyn supperAll last week, we held our breath.

We waited and watched – refresh, refresh, refresh. Though quiet anticipation was an ever-present undercurrent, the surface was all chaos. Strong storms barreled in from the midwest nearly every evening. Our house, apparently, thought it a good time to have a meltdown, and a broken sink, bathtub, and faucet meant that our landlord spent the evenings repairing things. Perhaps taking cues from the house, our girls were in a state. (And only now, as I write this, do I realize that all that conflicting energy sent them to the brink. In the moment, I wondered if they were tired or bored with summer, sick of each other, and on and on. But of course, we were a bit of a mess, things were in disarray, and they responded accordingly.)

Then, on Tuesday of this week, the good news came. [Read more…]

roasted radishes and salad turnips with pesto

roasted radishes and turnips with pesto // brooklyn supperAll weekend, I ignored work. My normal work anyway. Instead of the usual internet this and that, I went with Brian and the girls to a Friday night cookout, then a Saturday dinner with friends. I enjoyed a leisurely ramble at the park. In between, we cleaned. Cabinets, books, toys – we sorted and organized it all. By Tuesday, our house was fresh and orderly. Even the office is clean. I have houseplants and a very tiny tree growing in the backyard.

Then, back on Earth, I realized the fridge escaped our organizational zeal. Inside were all the makings of an intense CSA food wasting freakout, mostly in the form of radishes. [Read more…]

basil and mint chocolate chip ice cream

basil and mint chocolate chip ice cream // brooklyn supperbasil and mint chocolate chip ice cream // brooklyn supper

Almost daily now, small storms push over the mountains. Most miss town and head off to the northeast, but every few days, one hits. The slightest bit of rain bends the heavy peonies down to the ground so they rest on the grass or sidewalk. Petals of all shades are scattered across the neighborhood. The air is muggy and floral, but not yet too hot. The garden is vibrant and happy, with whatever pests that lay ahead still plotting their plan of attack from underground lairs.  [Read more…]

spring produce guide: what to eat right now (mid-may)

The first post in a new series – a guide to spring produce and what’s in season right now based on the contents of our weekly CSA share. We hope to provide ideas for what to do with that unfamiliar vegetable from your own CSA and inspiration before you head to the farmer’s market.

spring produce guide - mid-may // brooklyn supperOur CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) started up this week! On Saturday, we traveled out to the farm for new member orientation and then again on Wednesday to pick up our first full share. We’re members of the Bellair Farm CSA and each week we get to pick our own selection of vegetables (enough to fill one brown grocery bag). As a food writer with strange and specific produce needs from week to week, I’m really excited about the freeform nature of the Bellair shares. They offer pick-your-own fields for members, as well as incredible eggs and farm-raised meats. As part of this new series, we’ll be sharing our weekly CSA haul and featuring seasonal recipe ideas to help you cook your way through the bounty. [Read more…]

ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs

ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperA couple days ago, a deluge churned through Virginia. Big, fat drops fell for hours, filling the day and then the night with the sounds and smells of a soaking spring rain.

Just before the storm moved in, I drove to the store to supplement the sparse offerings at the weekend farmer’s market. My white car was faintly yellow from a thin layer of fluffy pollen. The windshield was covered too, but since it’s the height of pollen season – a time when huge plumes of pollen billow into the air with each gust of wind – my wipers were out of fluid. I made do with the occasional drops already falling and was thankful to be dealing with such a dirty windshield on a cloudy day. Here in Charlottesville, I head out to the grocery nearly every day. I guess I’ve just never recovered from my morning walks back in Brooklyn and being able to pop in somewhere on the way home. So now I drive, a list tucked into my pocket, hopeful that the place I’ve selected will have pretty beets and tapioca, or whatever odds and ends I need on that particular day. [Read more…]

broiled salmon with fennel and radish risotto

broiled salmon with fennel and radish risotto // brooklyn supperHave you heard? Brooklyn Supper is a finalist in the Saveur Blog Awards for Most Delicious Food! We’re incredibly thrilled to be nominated and would be so glad if you could take a moment and give us your vote. Thank you, friends!

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. If I have any, they are either very specific – put up that shelf in the office – or too central to who I am – like, stop being annoying at parties (a lifelong dream I’m pretty sure I’ll just never fulfill). It’s not a super productive strategy for change. But in the spring it all gets real. The newness, the actual rebirth of life, is inspiring stuff. Against the backdrop of vibrant blooms and newly green trees, I do my best introspection.  [Read more…]

beef bone broth with spring vegetables and soba noodles

beef bone broth with spring vegetables and soba noodles // brooklyn supperFriends, Brian and I are thrilled to share the news that Brooklyn Supper is a 2015 Saveur Blog Awards Nominee in the Most Delicious Food category! Seriously, this is a dream come true. There are so many of my favorite blogs in the mix this year. Still, we’d be grateful if you’d take a second to cast a vote for us. Thank you!

The internet, and everyone else, wants the path to good health to be easy. Drink juice for a week or buy a cup of ten dollar bone broth and undo months of microwave pizzas topped with barbecue sauce. I’ve railed against the idea of fast! easy! cooking before, and I think many of the same ideas apply to health. Attention-grabbing quick fixes are a booming industry, but they all hide the simple truth that the real work of healthful eating is slow, steady, and frankly, kind of boring.

Likewise, many good meals can be made in a hurry, but, just as often, nourishing foods takes time. [Read more…]

smoked salmon toasts with dill and cream cheese

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smoked salmon toasts with dill and cream cheese // brooklyn supper
In grad school, I lived in Boston’s Beacon Hill, a neighborhood that can now claim to be the unlikely former home of Ted Kennedy, Sylvia Plath, John Kerry, and me in my art student days. Although I felt out of place, I adored the worn brick sidewalks and the view of a picturesque courtyard from my tiny basement studio. I loved to entertain, and would invite way too many people over to sit on my floor and eat beans (or something else that fit my limited budget). This haphazard dinner party style followed me all through my many East Coast moves, to apartments of varying sizes, all with mismatched chairs that were uncomfortable and too few. I’ve been under the impression that I love throwing parties ever since. [Read more…]

toasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins

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Tracking Pixeltoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn suppertoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn supper

We don’t need to be saints about eating good food. In the past, I thought that eating kale meant going full-throttle healthy and serving it with just a squeeze of lemon and a side of filtered water. It’s the same impulse that drives people to eat unseasoned steamed vegetables to make up for past indulgences. Sometimes, those things are good, but I think we should all be a little more comfortable making healthy food taste delicious. After all, it dramatically increases the chances that we’ll actually eat our vegetables. [Read more…]