spinach salad with broccoli and red peppers + weekend links

spinach salad with broccoli and red peppers // brooklyn supperThis week has seen a lot more upheaval than I’m ever comfortable with, but even when things are chaotic, I guess it’s best to continue moving forward. At least the weather has relented; we’re looking forward to a weekend spent trying to cultivate even a hint of sunburn. And Sunday, food bloggers everywhere will be doing cartwheels over the time change –– more light on the way! [Read more…]

greens and garlic soup

garlic and greens soup // brooklyn supperLast night at around 5:30pm here on the east coast, something magical happened. All at once, at the dinner table I looked up and noticed that it was still light outside. Instead of the pitch dark we had become accustomed to, there was a faintly pink sunset just wrapping up. I mentioned it to Brian and the girls, and we all agreed that spring might really be here soon. Later, a glance at my Instagram feed showed that others had noticed the pink glow, too.

Then today, a brief morning downpour greeted us as we left the house. The kind that makes everything smell like dirt. A spring rain. Once it had passed, I took a long walk. Suddenly, the warm sun was out, snow seemed to be melting in one giant gush, and the birds were chirping madly.

A week ago, I may have doubted it. But today, I tell you with total confidence that spring is coming.  [Read more…]

avocado and spinach salad + weekend links

avocado and spinach salad // brooklyn supperOne of the avocado’s many alternate names is “butter fruit” and I think that’s a nice way to think of it––as a way to bring a buttery richness to a dish while still keeping it light and healthy. This avocado and spinach salad was my Friday lunch and I loved how the greens and avocado worked with a slightly spicy chili lime vinaigrette and salty toasted pepitas. Such a great combination, and a nice change of pace as the winter wears on. [Read more…]

baked eggs in tomatoes

baked eggs in tomatoes // brooklyn supperAugust? Already? This summer has been too busy for my liking, and so this month we’re looking to slow things way down. Current plans include: swimming, lazing in the sun, eating outdoors, catching fireflies, and showing the girls the Blue Ridge Mountains.

In the city, fall comes on slowly –– the urban heat effect pushes off the turning of the leaves until late November. But here in the country, the change is sudden. This is my call to action; there are peaches to slurp and watermelon seeds to spit. I haven’t made it in yet, but I’m planning a dip in a swimming hole or two. And maybe just a little more sangria, for good measure. [Read more…]

croque monsieur

croque monsieur // brooklyn supper
I once waited tables at a French restaurant in my hometown. It was the best restaurant in town even if it wasn’t fully appreciated by the public at large. The owner was a surly chef from Perpignan. He was a stickler for impeccable service, so that I can’t dine out anymore without silently criticizing my waiter in his voice for a thumb on a plate, serving from the right, or being too present or too absent. He was prickly and given to things like throwing out a customer for sending back a drink (“The bartender made this drink perfectly, please leave.”), raging endlessly about a more popular rival (“Who can go out to dinner, see artificial flowers on the table, and not leave immediately?” and “They smother all their meat in Béarnaise to hide that they have miscooked it.”), arguing with his son for drinking a cola while eating onion soup (“Would you like me to go get some cheesecake so you can crumble that up in it, too?”). But the thing that set him off more than anything else was when a customer suggested adding croque monsieur to the lunch menu. After all, “This is not a beer bar!” [Read more…]