roasted turnip fries with ramp aioli

roasted turnip fries with ramp aioli // brooklyn supperroasted turnip fries with ramp aioli // brooklyn supper
Our family took a quick trip down to North Carolina this weekend to celebrate my brother-in-law’s graduation (with honors, from his doctoral program –– NBD). It was pretty wonderful to drive the lush country roads that link Charlottesville to Chapel Hill. Our trip coincided with the first heat wave of the year, as well as a host of spring thunderstorms, so as we motored along the backroads, the distant thunderheads contrasted with the deep green of southern trees in May.  [Read more…]

roasted cauliflower steaks with meyer lemon relish

roasted cauliflower steaks with meyer lemon relish // brooklyn supperOh, January.

Brian contends that this blog is as much about the weather as it is about food. I could talk about weather for days, but I try not to indulge too often for fear I’ll bore you. These days though, the chill of winter is inescapable. (Except on the west coast, where it’s apparently summer?) But out here in the east, this winter weather feels right. I want to earn the spring and summer, to make the most of the contrasts and changing seasons. And earning it we are, with highs in the teens and lows in the single digits, we are all getting an education in cold.

All in all, it’s a very good time to have the oven on; twisting the knob is the first essential step for just about everything we make lately. But these cauliflower steaks are more than an excuse to warm things up, they’re also part of a plan. [Read more…]

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing // brooklyn supper
Not so long ago, I worked in an office. The kind with little cubes and a computer monitor too small to display the spreadsheets I needed to use and a chair hierarchy that provided peons like me a work week of spinal pain and florescent lights hovering way too close. On my last day, I had only a small tote of things to collect. After nearly two years, I hadn’t moved in. I wish I’d thought to take a picture. It would be a great reminder as I try to balance mothering and writing and creative food and family food, that even on the worst days, I’m better off than I was in that awful gray cube. [Read more…]

grilled radishes with mint & lime

grilled radishes with mint and lime // brooklyn supper
As CSA shares get underway this year, I know one thing for certain: you are swimming in radishes. And sure, for the first few bunches it’s a delight to cut them up and eat them on the spot with bread and butter or sea salt. But as bunch after bunch begins to pile up, desperation can set in. Never fear, dear reader. The Brooklyn Supper test kitchen is here for you. [Read more…]

what matters + mizuna with blueberries & herbed feta

mizuna with blueberries & herbed feta // brooklyn supperTwo weeks ago, I spotted a couple of farmers at the market with a sparse table scattered with several quarts of storage apples and a few pints of blueberries. Eager for the first blueberries of the season, I asked how much they were. To which the lady replied, “What blueberries?” And that was funny, because they were right there. I indicated the blueberries and politely said, “These,” and she said “Oh, those blueberries. They’re $5.” Sold. We got them home and they turned out to be the best blueberries anyone on earth has ever had. Since then, I’ve been stalking her farm stand and have only found the storage apples, but I’m not giving up. [Read more…]

asparagus ribbon salad with dried cherries + getting here

asparagus ribbon salad with dreid cherries // brooklyn supper
Ever since our enormous Penske rolled out of Brooklyn at 11:30pm on a Saturday night, our lives have been something just shy of complete chaos. I’ve been traveling back and forth to NYC over the past week tying up loose ends. It was strange to be back in the city not 48 hours after our exhausted/triumphant exit. But now, we’re really here. The family is settling in, though nearly any task includes endless searching through a boxes and bags, rifling through these papers or those, or opening this drawer and then that one. I feel a little like we’re all just wandering in circles in this unfamiliar space. After one of the most intense and exhausting weeks of my life spent getting out of New York, I am a little bummed to face the fact that moving into a place is hard too. [Read more…]

lemon parmesan raw kale salad

lemon parmesan raw kale salad // brooklyn supper

This weekend I had a lesson about the things food cannot do. Sometimes, no matter how many pancakes, or sweet apples, or pieces of homemade fried chicken and coconut pie there are, things are going to go off the rails. Tired and cranky can trump even the crispiest breading, even the flakiest dough. Sometimes, kids are gonna be kids and there’s nothing you can do about it. [Read more…]

duck fat potato gratin

duck fat potato gratin // brooklyn supperThe fact is, I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. When I was single and living in Boston, one Valentine’s Day I stopped by the market to get a half pound of fish. The guys at the counter were like, “A half pound? Eating alone? (Awww, she’s eating alone.)” But really I didn’t mind. Even now, I think of it more as the fourth anniversary of our building’s basement catching fire. So, though Brian and I are definitely meant for each other, and I count myself lucky for finding such a great man, neither of us is particularly keen on the trappings of Valentine’s Day. We’re not that big on soul mates, chocolate, crafting, or candles. [Read more…]

persimmon, pear, and clementine salad

persimmon, pear, tangerine salad

Dear December, please slow down. I want to enjoy every second of pine needles, Christmas lights, candles, cinnamon, clementines and laughter. I want to cry to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and dance to “Christmas in Hollis” at least five more times. I want to bake cookies for the world, make my own eggnog, make my own holiday gifts, and wear something glittery for a night out on the town. But you, December, seem to have different plans and are rushing by at lightning speed, and I feel a little lost in your speedy wake. [Read more…]

baked broccoli rabe with garlic and asiago

baked broccoli rabe

As winter finally settles on the city, and the seasonal menu shifts ever more toward rich meats, braises, and gratins, it’s a good time to have a few healthy sides at the ready. One such side is baked broccoli rabe. These distinctly nutty, vivid greens are the perfect counterpoint to some of the season’s richer foods, and creamy Asiago and plenty of garlic just sweeten the deal. [Read more…]