ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs

ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperBrooklyn Supper is a Saveur Blog Awards finalist in the Most Delicious Food category! If you think our food’s delicious too, and we hope you do, head over and cast a vote! We are incredibly grateful for your support!

A couple days ago, a deluge churned through Virginia. Big, fat drops fell for hours, filling the day and then the night with the sounds and smells of a soaking spring rain.

Just before the storm moved in, I drove to the store to supplement the sparse offerings at the weekend farmer’s market. My white car was faintly yellow from a thin layer of fluffy pollen. The windshield was covered too, but since it’s the height of pollen season – a time when huge plumes of pollen billow into the air with each gust of wind – my wipers were out of fluid. I made do with the occasional drops already falling and was thankful to be dealing with such a dirty windshield on a cloudy day. Here in Charlottesville, I head out to the grocery nearly every day. I guess I’ve just never recovered from my morning walks back in Brooklyn and being able to pop in somewhere on the way home. So now I drive, a list tucked into my pocket, hopeful that the place I’ve selected will have pretty beets and tapioca, or whatever odds and ends I need on that particular day. [Read more…]

grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter and smashed potatoes + a simple valentine’s day menu

grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn suppergrilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn supperGenerally speaking, I hold a winter without snow in very low esteem. Still, when temperatures hit the sixty degree mark this weekend, we surrendered to nature and decided to grill. Likewise, I typically frown on early chives or premature forsythia blossoms, but decided to embrace things and reserved a spindly bunch of early chives for the weekend’s cooking projects.

Brian likes to take a book outside and watch the grill while it gets going. Then at some point, I’ll set the girls up with an activity (just kidding –– it’s tv) and sneak outside. If there’s bourbon, we drink some. We dodge the smoke and talk. The girls usually make their way out too. And for just a while, we all hang out before things descend into the usual pre-dinner chaos.  [Read more…]

roasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing

roasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing // brooklyn supperroasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing // brooklyn supperCertain winter vegetables feel like they are only for the most devoted seasonal eaters, with turnips and rutabagas at the top of the list. Ugly, with radish-y undertones, it’s not surprising these homely roots don’t make their way onto a lot of home menus. But, by this time of year, seasonal vegetables come down to a choice between bracing brassicas and sweeter vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes, or winter squash. And after all the sweets and rich foods of the holidays, the slight bitterness of brassicas make for a welcome change of pace. The humble turnip, for example, doesn’t just have to be buried in a stew. It can be a delicious base for a fresh salad. [Read more…]

persimmon, radish, and watercress salad + weekend links

persimmon, radish, and watercress salad // brooklyn supperI’m pretty sure that the work week after Thanksgiving is the longest of the year. And this one, especially. Christmas preparation and hard news are a strange and terrible combination.

Brian and I have been staying up late discussing the week’s news, exchanging links, and sharing social media discussions. After such a long, heavy kind of week, I’m looking for holiday escapism –– getting our tree, ice skating, making cookies, and all that. But first, my weekend links. [Read more…]

shaved brussels sprout, bacon, and meyer lemon salad + weekend links

shaved brussels sprout, bacon, and meyer lemon salad // brooklyn supperThis week has been all about recovery. Something about the first gusts of bone chilling wind, the time change, and plain old exhaustion, have had me in bed every night by 10pm. Extra blankets have come out, even if it’s just so Brian and I can still sleep with the windows open.

I like the change. And the wind is even better. It’s cleansing –– blowing away whatever’s built up or unwanted. With each gust, a colorful rain of fall leaves pour down and a faint howl wraps around the house. Cozy times are in full effect, and I am so completely all in. [Read more…]

rainbow chard and roasted pear salad + weekend links

rainbow chard and roasted pear salad // brooklyn supperI love the feeling of getting home after even a short trip. There’s a brief window where all the comforts that you’ve missed trump the endless list of things that need to be done, or organized, or cleaned. I arrived home from a quick trip to Wisconsin last night, and am thrilled to be staring down a fall weekend completely void of plans. On my agenda are things like finishing the girls’ Halloween costumes, buying pumpkins, and traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains to take in some fall color. But before all that, I’m totally going to sit on the couch with a big cup of coffee and decompress. It’s been a heavy week and I think we all need a little break.

So, let’s leave things at that and get into some weekend reading. [Read more…]