wild rice salad with dandelion greens {sponsored post}

wild rice salad with dandelion greens // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Foodie.com. Thanks for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

I once saw spring as a season to be suffered through. Sure, I was happy to have something new to eat after all the heavy foods of winter, but the torture of waiting for summer’s cherries and tomatoes was just too much. Last year, though, something changed –– the arrival of spring foods started to feel like an event in and of itself. It seems so appropriate that a season dedicated to new life, growth, and planting should produce so much in the way of earthy, grassy flavors. After all the rich stews and chewy brassicas, I’m in love with bitter greens and bracing flavors. [Read more…]

roasted rutabagas with panko gremolata & pomegranate

roasted rutabaga with panko gremolata & pomegranate // brooklyn supperHave you heard? (Of course you have.) Frozen water is going to fall on the Northeast and only those with adequate reserves of milk and bread will survive! New York City is on the fringe of the blizzard, so we may see only a few inches. But, rest assured, I am devoting all my free time to hoping for snow measured in feet, and a cozy weekend spent cooking and watching it pile up. Snow, especially lots of it, is magical here in the city. All the noise stops. All the trash and dog shit and chicken bones are covered by a clean white blanket, and the city feels cleansed, even if only for a moment. [Read more…]