lightness + radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad

radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad // brooklyn supper
This is a strange week–we’ve been working as hard as ever, but there’s a lightness to things. Brian and I have been having fun after putting the girls to bed, drinking beers, typing away on our respective laptops, talking into the night, and making future plans. Even the baby’s recent decision to stop napping and our oldest coming home with a tiny fever haven’t dampened spirits in our drafty little apartment. Could it be the brighter days? The buds forming on the trees? The fluffy clouds hanging in the crisp February sky over the East River? Whatever it is, I’ll take it. [Read more…]

now in season: radicchio

Now in season: radicchio, via; © Brooklyn Supper, all rights reservedYou guys, that time of year has arrived. Almost all the apples are off the trees. Pears too. We’re swimming in tender kale, fresh broccoli, and just-picked squash. Like the sudden shift in weather, all the fall vegetables feel novel and fun. But beneath the thrill of cozy dinners of stuffed squash or braised greens is a touch of sadness–the knowledge that these are all the ingredients we’ll be working with until April. I’m not planning to despair just yet, so for now I’ll be enjoying all the beauty, color, and food of my very favorite season. [Read more…]