kabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger

kabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger // brooklyn supperkabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger // brooklyn supperIn the beginning, neither Brian nor I had grand ideas for parenthood. Honestly, it was a selfish endeavor for me – I wanted to see if I really could, you know, create another human. I also, somewhat mistakenly, saw pregnancy as a great opportunity to eat a lot of ice cream. Our daughter was an easy baby, especially once we’d made it through those first six weeks, and Brian and I settled in to parenthood rather effortlessly.

And things went along this way, with the usual ups and downs, until last year. That was when we realized that the skills required to nurture a big kid and help them become an upstanding person are pretty different from the ones you need to nurture a baby. It’s been a tough transition, with lots of instances of helping our oldest navigate her relationships with others, resolve conflicts, and right wrongs. These same things happen with littles, but the social web of interactions is so much more immediate. Also, there’s homework. [Read more…]

buttermilk pumpkin pie

pumpkin buttermilk pie // brooklyn supper
Holiday traditions always seemed so fixed and immutable, but as Brian and I have built our own life and pieced together ways of celebrating from our own families while adding elements of our own, I’ve watched our daughters come to see these new holiday traditions as the timeless, ancient rites, even as I’ve had my eyes opened to how alive and changing they are. It’s a delight to watch the kids form their own holiday memories and nostalgia with familiar foods, flavors, and smells.

Brian and I began hosting our own Thanksgiving pretty early on, and have been tinkering with traditions ever since. We always get a heritage breed turkey, we make traditional cranberry sauce (for Brian) and super tangy cranberry relish (for me), and always, always there’s pumpkin pie. [Read more…]

loss, thanks, and pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie from scratch

Things have been pretty quiet around here. We said goodbye to our sweet pup Oscar last Friday, and since then I’ve been pretty blue. But the thing is, when you have two kids and a busy life, it’s hard to stop time and just be sad. The days when I could wallow in sadness, alternating between lounging in bed and long baths, are over. No matter what we’re feeling, lunch needs to be packed, people need to be picked up, dropped off, and life goes on. But amidst the hustle, there’s a stray hair, or a tennis ball rolling out from under the couch and my heart breaks all over again. [Read more…]

classic pumpkin pie from scratch

I love pumpkin pie. Deeply. And for me, canned pumpkin is not up to snuff. We buy little sugar pie pumpkins (adorable and useful) and make ours from scratch. This pie is rich and flavorful, with a little bit of kick from fresh ginger and fresh ground pepper.

It’s also relatively easy to make. I know there are some that would have you preheat the filling or add in other laborious steps. Since you already have to make the crust and prebake, I like to keep the filling simple. This classic homemade pumpkin pie is simple and delicious.

Head over to Babble.com’s Family Kitchen for the recipe.

getting ready to give thanks

We take Thanksgiving pretty seriously here at Brooklyn Supper. For the past 6 years Brian and I have stayed put and invited friends and family to cram into our one-bedroom apartment for a giant feast. I love every part of Thanksgiving, getting ready in the weeks before, frantic Wednesday before prep, waking up at 6am and dealing with the turkey, and then, the big moment. Guests arrive and, it’s Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re hosting a celebration of your own this year, or just bring a dish or two, we’ve got you covered. Over on Babble.com’s Family Kitchen, we’ve been in the Thanksgiving spirit for weeks. Here are some of the Thanksgiving-friendly recipes we posted this week:

Mark Bittman’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon and Apples

4 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes (more work now = more relaxing when it counts)

Lemony Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Classic Herbed Stuffed Mushrooms

And for some ideas from Brooklyn Supper Thanksgivings past, try these: [Read more…]

seasonal sweets

Over on The Family Kitchen we’ve been cooking up a host of seasonal sweet treats. The chilly fall weather is practically begging you to fire up the oven.

Get prepared for all that baking with your own, homemade stash of vanilla extract.

Next up a healthier take on the classic pumpkin spice bread.

Mini pumpkin pies–for when you need something that’s delicious and adorable.

We also have caramel-y, rich, and moist butterscotch blondies.

And finally, classic gooey homemade caramel corn.


Thanksgiving preparations have begun. We have a heritage breed free-range turkey on order, and last night I made the first test pie. I absolutely love pumpkin pie, and I want to get this recipe just right. I have not picked out my pie pumpkins yet, so I roasted two butternut squash. They lend a real brightness to the pie, and go a long way toward a delicate texture. I am looking to come up with a recipe that has a light and delicate custard, but isn’t the slightest bit gloppy. Last night I definitely erred on the runny side, but I think have a good lead on the perfect pumpkin pie. Of course we’ll keep you posted.

Below, a menu from last year’s celebration.

Thanksgiving 2007
stuffed mushrooms
winter squash soup
roast turkey
stuffing with sausage and apricots
giblet gravy
cranberry sauce with pears and fresh ginger
mashed potatoes
sweet potato pudding
green beans with shallots and vermouth
orange, onion and rosemary salad
apple cake
pumpkin pie

This menu looks so good, but to be honest I have no memory of so much of it. Too much cooking really impairs my ability to enjoy food. This year we are planning on paring the menu back a good deal. Mashed potatoes are the first dish to get the boot.