summer produce guide: what to eat right now (late june)

weekly summer produce guide to what’s in season right now based on the contents of our CSA share, with CSA and farmer’s market recipes and inspiration.

summer produce guide: what to eat right now (late june) // brooklyn supper

There’s summer produce and there’s SUMMER PRODUCE! and with the arrival of summer squash, green beans, and cucumbers at this week’s CSA pick-up, we are fully in SUMMER PRODUCE! territory, where we will remain until some time in early September when we start taking tomatoes for granted and dreaming of pumpkins. In addition to the exciting newcomers, cabbage and beets came in our share this week, as well as some more spring onions, potatoes and carrots. And leafy greens are still holing on – we’ve been eating out way through the collards and kale from our garden to clear some space for our tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon to thrive. It all amounts to a true bounty. Five weeks in, and we have all the ingredients we need to make awesome summer meals. [Read more…]

grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter and smashed potatoes + a simple valentine’s day menu

grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn suppergrilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn supperGenerally speaking, I hold a winter without snow in very low esteem. Still, when temperatures hit the sixty degree mark this weekend, we surrendered to nature and decided to grill. Likewise, I typically frown on early chives or premature forsythia blossoms, but decided to embrace things and reserved a spindly bunch of early chives for the weekend’s cooking projects.

Brian likes to take a book outside and watch the grill while it gets going. Then at some point, I’ll set the girls up with an activity (just kidding – it’s tv) and sneak outside. If there’s bourbon, we drink some. We dodge the smoke and talk. The girls usually make their way out too. And for just a while, we all hang out before things descend into the usual pre-dinner chaos.  [Read more…]

potage parmentier (potato leek soup) with toasted pepitas and herbs

potage parmentier with toasted pepitas and herbs // brooklyn supperAntoine-Auguste Parmentier, for whom potage Parmentier and a host of other potato dishes are named, is the rare agronomist whose life makes for an interesting read (George Washington Carver is another and after that I’ve got nothing.) While we now think of the potato as central to European peasant cuisine, that wasn’t the case in Parmentier’s time, prior to the French Revolution. An import from South America where it was a staple for the Indians of the Andes, the potato hadn’t caught on as human food in Europe and was thought to only to be edible only for animals. [Read more…]

roasted potato, kale & tomato frittata + a klondike brands giveaway {sponsored post}

roasted potato, kale and tomato frittata // brooklyn supperroasted red potato, kale and tomato frittata // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Klondike Brand Potatoes. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Brooklyn Supper possible!

Let’s get this out of the way for the vocabulary sticklers, this isn’t exactly what the Accademia della Crusca would define as a “frittata” because it’s an egg dish prepared over potatoes, which are not a frittata ingredient. Many of you are probably taking off your glasses and saying, “it sounds more like a tortilla de patatas to me,” but we included vegetables in the eggs which is not traditional in the Spanish dish. In the end, we went with “frittata” because in the US, “tortilla” usually refers to the thing on the outside of a taco, so it’s confusing to talk about the other kind. [Read more…]

lowcountry boil

lowcountry boil // brooklyn supperBlue crabs are serious business in Virginia. I spent my high school years in Spotsylvania County, which is not on the Chesapeake, but is close enough to boast a few crab shacks and quite a few roadside vendors who do a brisk business. So, while I’ve eaten plenty of crabs, mostly steamed, it’s mainly been as a guest rather than a host. When we decided to make crabs for Elizabeth’s birthday party, I was simultaneously excited about taking on something new and a little gun-shy, haunted by the memory of a Lobster that Would Not Die a few summers ago. But, since all household tasks involving killing creatures larger than flies fall within my purview, I took a drink and got to work. [Read more…]