cornmeal pancakes with honey orange syrup + a brown eggs and jam jars giveaway

cornmeal pancakes with honey orange syrup // brooklyn supperWhen I began this blog, summer was without a doubt my favorite season for food. I looked forward to summer highlights like piles of stone fruit, ripe tomatoes, and sweet corn all year long. But lately, I find spring is my favorite season. I love the anticipation and finding a new ingredient available each week, especially after so many months of the same roots and hardy greens. First there are chives, followed by green garlic, then ramps, lettuce, asparagus, and finally, strawberries. For years now, as I’ve savored these moments at my own farmer’s market or in my garden, I’ve also enjoyed experiencing the spring awakening through my friend Aimée.

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sparkling strawberry rosé sangria + five years

sparkling strawberry rosé sangria + five years // brooklyn supperLet’s talk about goals.

Last year, I boldly and publicly (on Twitter) proclaimed that my summer goal was to make sangria. This was before I realized that what I refer to as ‘summer goals’ everyone else in the world calls a summer bucket list. But the thing is, I want to live. Past September even, so I’m sticking with summer goals. So, sangria. The main thing standing in my way seemed to be the purchase of brandy. Now, you can make sangria anyway you chose, but I like mine with a slug of brandy. It keeps it from being too cloying. So, last summer came and went. And my solitary summer goal? Unfulfilled. [Read more…]

carrot, fennel, & orange soup + a giveaway {sponsored post}

carrot, orange, and fennel soup // brooklyn supper
At Brooklyn Supper, we love winter produce with a passion, but once the weather starts warming, we get a hunger for all things fresh. The problem is, while spring weather is definitely creeping up on us, it will be a few more weeks before the spring crops start hitting the farmer’s market. So for now, we’re left cooking spring dishes with somewhat stayed winter ingredients, which means we need to be creative to get that spring flavor we’re after. For example, this carrot, fennel, orange soup brings a lightness to good old carrots. The soup is bright and fresh, with a little bit of heat (courtesy of spicy Hungarian paprika), and a big dose of tang from the OJ. [Read more…]

lightness + radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad

radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad // brooklyn supper
This is a strange week–we’ve been working as hard as ever, but there’s a lightness to things. Brian and I have been having fun after putting the girls to bed, drinking beers, typing away on our respective laptops, talking into the night, and making future plans. Even the baby’s recent decision to stop napping and our oldest coming home with a tiny fever haven’t dampened spirits in our drafty little apartment. Could it be the brighter days? The buds forming on the trees? The fluffy clouds hanging in the crisp February sky over the East River? Whatever it is, I’ll take it. [Read more…]