summer produce guide: what to eat right now (early june)

A weekly summer produce guide to what’s in season right now based on the contents of our CSA share, with CSA and farmer’s market recipes and inspiration.

summer produce guide: what to eat right now (early june) // brooklyn suppersummer produce guide: what to eat right now (early june) // brooklyn supperSummer has arrived. For real. We’ve had a few cool, rainy summers with temperatures barely topping 90 degrees, but my phone predicts we’re in for a solid week of 90 plus. And while I’m OK with a little summer swelter, leafy greens and a host of cool weather loving vegetables are not. We’ve been slowly harvesting our garden greens and lettuces, but this weekend, I’ll need to pull them all in because they’re going to bolt any second.  [Read more…]

spring produce guide: what to eat right now (mid-may)

The first post in a new series – a guide to spring produce and what’s in season right now based on the contents of our weekly CSA share. We hope to provide ideas for what to do with that unfamiliar vegetable from your own CSA and inspiration before you head to the farmer’s market.

spring produce guide - mid-may // brooklyn supperOur CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) started up this week! On Saturday, we traveled out to the farm for new member orientation and then again on Wednesday to pick up our first full share. We’re members of the Bellair Farm CSA and each week we get to pick our own selection of vegetables (enough to fill one brown grocery bag). As a food writer with strange and specific produce needs from week to week, I’m really excited about the freeform nature of the Bellair shares. They offer pick-your-own fields for members, as well as incredible eggs and farm-raised meats. As part of this new series, we’ll be sharing our weekly CSA haul and featuring seasonal recipe ideas to help you cook your way through the bounty. [Read more…]

tomato chevre tart

tomato chevre tart // brooklyn supperSummer’s grace has descended here in Virginia. The seventeen-year cicadas are gone, but regular old ones hiss from the lush green trees, fireflies dot the evenings, and the first fruits and vegetables are ripening in our tiny garden. We’ve had a stretch of rainy days, and that’s felt right––a sort of nature-imposed time of reflection just ahead of the season of sweltering abundance.

And the tomatoes have arrived. [Read more…]

now in season: chive blossoms + fried rice with turnips & chive blossoms

chive blossoms // brooklyn supper

Brian and I are absolutely heartbroken over the events in Oklahoma yesterday and our hearts and thoughts are with all those who have been touched by this awful tragedy. We are especially saddened by the losses at the Plaza Towers Elementary School, though amazed at the bravery shown by teachers, staff, and young students there. If you’d like to help those affected, here are some ways to give.

Chive blossoms have always been harbinger of the season, their purple blossoms heralding the advent of warmer weather. This year, though, the chive blossoms are even more significant. These chives sprouted on our rooftop garden in Brooklyn, and by the time we moved the chive-filled window boxes into the truck, they had a spray of tiny purple buds. Now we’re in Virginia, the chives are blossoming and it feels right. They’ve made the journey and so have we. [Read more…]

now in season: ramps

now in season: rampsStrictly speaking, ramps (also known as wild leeks) are not really the first food of spring (young greens or broccoli are also growing right now), but they’re the spring produce that gets home cooks and restaurateurs alike totally amped for reasons that remain mysterious. Perhaps it’s the romance of foraging rather than farming. Or it may be that because they aren’t imported or grown in hothouses, they’ve been absent for long enough to make us miss them. [Read more…]

roasted black radish and grape quinoa

black radishes // brooklyn supperSometimes seasonal food writing, here on the east coast especially, feels like a tour of the very homeliest food stuffs; and among the rutabagas, parsnips, jerusalem artichokes, celery roots, cabbages, and all the other misshapen, sun-starved vegetables that tide us over until the sun comes back for real, the black radish feels forgotten. [Read more…]

now in season: redbor kale + kale, butternut squash, and orange salad

redbor kale // brooklyn supper
redbor kale salad with butternut squash and orange // brooklyn supperOur last CSA share of the year featured a bunch of Redbor kale. I loved its deep purple and green hues and stashed it for a weekday salad–my favorite use for kale. A few days later, I roasted a butternut squash (one of seven to pass through my kitchen in the past month), and supremed an orange to go with it.  [Read more…]

now in season: radicchio

Now in season: radicchio, via; © Brooklyn Supper, all rights reservedYou guys, that time of year has arrived. Almost all the apples are off the trees. Pears too. We’re swimming in tender kale, fresh broccoli, and just-picked squash. Like the sudden shift in weather, all the fall vegetables feel novel and fun. But beneath the thrill of cozy dinners of stuffed squash or braised greens is a touch of sadness–the knowledge that these are all the ingredients we’ll be working with until April. I’m not planning to despair just yet, so for now I’ll be enjoying all the beauty, color, and food of my very favorite season. [Read more…]

now in season: leeks

now in season: leeks, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

Leeks, which have been arriving in our CSA share over the past two weeks, are a difficult sort, with unwieldy rubbery ends and tons of sand. But there’s also something wonderful about their flavor, like an onion but more buttery, and brimming with an earthy green-ness. Cooked well, leeks are supple and rich, and incorporate themselves beautifully into a host of classic fall dishes.  [Read more…]