jalapeño chicken salad with homemade aioli and fresh fennel

jalapeño chicken salad with fresh fennel // brooklyn supper

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The most common reaction to chicken salad is a sigh followed by a reluctant “I guess so.” And generally, that’s the appropriate reaction to chunks of cold, dry chicken and mayo. Still, I’ve tried not to let chicken salad’s rep deter me from an easy lunch staple and am here to tell you that chicken salad can be really good.  [Read more…]

toasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins

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Tracking Pixeltoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn suppertoasted barley with arugula pesto and sausage coins // brooklyn supper

We don’t need to be saints about eating good food. In the past, I thought that eating kale meant going full-throttle healthy and serving it with just a squeeze of lemon and a side of filtered water. It’s the same impulse that drives people to eat unseasoned steamed vegetables to make up for past indulgences. Sometimes, those things are good, but I think we should all be a little more comfortable making healthy food taste delicious. After all, it dramatically increases the chances that we’ll actually eat our vegetables. [Read more…]

roasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing

roasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing // brooklyn supperroasted golden beet and turnip salad with green goddess dressing // brooklyn supperCertain winter vegetables feel like they are only for the most devoted seasonal eaters, with turnips and rutabagas at the top of the list. Ugly, with radish-y undertones, it’s not surprising these homely roots don’t make their way onto a lot of home menus. But, by this time of year, seasonal vegetables come down to a choice between bracing brassicas and sweeter vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes, or winter squash. And after all the sweets and rich foods of the holidays, the slight bitterness of brassicas make for a welcome change of pace. The humble turnip, for example, doesn’t just have to be buried in a stew. It can be a delicious base for a fresh salad. [Read more…]

fig and cantaloupe salad with watercress and creamy garlic lime dressing

fig and cantaloupe salad with watercress // brooklyn supperI decided I’d only worry about the garden through July. After that, I let it all surrender to the squash bugs, at least one groundhog, a few squirrels, possibly a deer, and powdery mildew and blight of all manner. But even as they weather the onslaught, the tired-looking plants still spew fruit. Most of my outdoor plants have had a banner year, especially considering my gardening-in-Virginia track record. All the plants, except the fig. [Read more…]

harukei turnip, radish, and bitter greens salad + real life

harukei turnip, radish, and bitter greens salad // brooklyn supper
harukei turnip, radish, and bitter greens salad // brooklyn supperLet’s begin here: I hadn’t really meant to take a break from the blog, but it just kind of happened. At first, I was taking a little time to think about my blog and what it’s for. There are So.Many.Food.Blogs. And lots of them are the work of incredibly talented and passionate people. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to keep throwing my stuff out there, hoping that amidst all that greatness, my tiny slice of this huge internet will continue to be meaningful. (And please know, I am totally not fishing. These are just the cruel facts, people.)

So it started in March with me thinking I should take a small break. Meet some of the other pressing deadlines for my freelance stuff and give myself time to think on things. I’ve had a few ideas floating around for a while now, but never seem to find the pause button I need to see them through. [Read more…]

loaded sweet potatoes with tangelos, avocado, and haloumi + healthier families {sponsored post}

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Every week there’s a night where my deadlines combined with Brian’s work and an avalanche of homework or playdates or projects converge, and we don’t make it to the kitchen. Pizza is the easiest food to procure in a pinch, but we change things up by adding sushi or Mexican food to the mix. Recently, in a moment of rare lucidity, Brian and I discussed how much better it would be if we just planned to eat out once a week, instead of making the same desperate decision each Wednesday night at 6pm. We know there’s going to be a night when things are just too hectic, so why not plan for it and take away some of the stress and guilt involved?

A pizza confession may be an unusual way to begin a post about healthier families, but I think it raises an essential point: no parent is perfect. [Read more…]

feed a child, nourish a mind + curried sweet potato soup

feed a child, nourish a mind + curried sweet potato soup // brooklyn supperMy first Brooklyn apartment had a distant view of the Chrysler building. You had to climb out the kitchen window and stand on an adjacent roof to see it, but still it was there. Brian and I would sit out there in the evenings, filled with all the optimism that young love and any kind of view of the NYC skyline inspires, and dream our dreams. We planned to take the city by storm. We’d also talk about having kids and all the things we wanted for these potential humans. [Read more…]

potage parmentier (potato leek soup) with toasted pepitas and herbs

potage parmentier with toasted pepitas and herbs // brooklyn supperAntoine-Auguste Parmentier, for whom potage Parmentier and a host of other potato dishes are named, is the rare agronomist whose life makes for an interesting read (George Washington Carver is another and after that I’ve got nothing.) While we now think of the potato as central to European peasant cuisine, that wasn’t the case in Parmentier’s time, prior to the French Revolution. An import from South America where it was a staple for the Indians of the Andes, the potato hadn’t caught on as human food in Europe and was thought to only to be edible only for animals. [Read more…]

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing // brooklyn supper
Not so long ago, I worked in an office. The kind with little cubes and a computer monitor too small to display the spreadsheets I needed to use and a chair hierarchy that provided peons like me a work week of spinal pain and florescent lights hovering way too close. On my last day, I had only a small tote of things to collect. After nearly two years, I hadn’t moved in. I wish I’d thought to take a picture. It would be a great reminder as I try to balance mothering and writing and creative food and family food, that even on the worst days, I’m better off than I was in that awful gray cube. [Read more…]