meet yer eats farm tour, charlottesville

bell air farm, meet yer eats farm tour // brooklyn suppercaromont farm, meet yer eats farm tour // brooklyn supper I’ve come to think of learning about seasonal food from the comfort of a Brooklyn address as akin to being a teenager, when you’re the all-knowing king of the teensiest sliver of actual life. The teenage world is prescribed; their intricate social customs and language have little bearing on the world at large. In your heart, you feel like you’ve figured it all out, but have yet to consider all the things you don’t know, with the compromise and complexity of adult life only a distant possibility. For better or worse, to be teenaged is to exist in a bubble.

In the same way, I thought I knew a lot about local food when I lived in New York City. [Read more…]

apple picking & authenticity + apple pancakes

apple pancakes // brooklyn supperIf my rural southern forbears found out that each year I seek out the chance to pick apples, they’d probably be disappointed that I didn’t own the orchard but glad that it was something easy like apples instead of something gross like tobacco. But when they found out that I actually pay for the privilege of doing farm work, they’d all keel over dead on the spot (hopefully after producing whichever offspring ultimately led to my existence). Why on Earth, they would wonder, would I pay to harvest fruit? And even worse, why would I drag my children into it?

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cheeseburgers with quick-pickled onions & avocado

cheeseburgers with quick-pickled onions & avocado // brooklyn supper
At Brooklyn Supper, we tend to focus on the basics, but sometimes, we like to go off the rails and make something that will be unfamiliar to most of you. Something strange and wonderful like the “hamburger.” You’ve undoubtedly heard attractive people talking about hamburgers at fancy parties and wondered what on Earth they could be, but you were too embarrassed to ask. Well, your secret shame is soon to be no more. Not only will you know what a hamburger is, you will be able to make one, too. You will be that attractive person at the fancy party. [Read more…]

smaller things + baked eggs with brussels sprouts & mushrooms

baked eggs with brussels sprouts & mushrooms // brooklyn supperThe internet is full of big, amazing people. People whose cakes are frosted perfectly, people whose children don’t spill yogurt down the front of their shirt at lunch, people who stroll around the city and don’t even care that their suede shoes are getting ruined in the puddles because it’s not a big deal to buy another pair. We are not those people. There’s something in the air lately–real life, real blogging, real talk, real food. I like that. Especially because I don’t stand a chance of ever being one of those big, amazing types. Our life is messy, hopelessly real, and very far from perfect. [Read more…]

now in season: sweet corn

now in season: sweet corn, via; © Brooklyn Supper, all rights reserved

now in season: sweet corn, via; © Brooklyn Supper, all rights reservedSweet corn season in New York is usually an annual disappointment for us, but not this year. Coming from Virginia, where the local corn is sweet and tender enough that you can almost eat it raw, corn in New York usually feels bland and mealy to us. But this year at the farmer’s market and in our farm share, we’ve gotten the kind of corn we’ve longed for–wonderfully sweet kernels that are so big they’re nearly bursting. It’s the best corn we’ve had in years. I’m not sure if it’s because of the mild winter or all the rain we’ve had, but this corn is fantastic. In fact, summer produce in general has been superb this year which is really welcome after last year when Hurricane Irene put an early end to a lot of summer’s bounty. [Read more…]

apple pie in the apple

apple pie in the apple

The fall, where fresh, crisp apples abound, is something to savor. New York is home to many apple orchards with a focus on tasty heirloom and hybrid varieties, and all fall long we gobble up copious quantities of Cortland, Empire, McIntosh, Idared, and Fuji apples, to name a few. Saturday, Brain came home with two big bags of apples: Cortlands and Honey Crisps. They were the perfect inspiration for these apple pies in the apple.

The apple cups lend a lot of bite and flavor, and make for an adorable personal pie. To boot, a tiny round of (flaky, buttery) crust and a lightly sweet filling make these little pies a lot healthier than the classic version. Head over the’s Family Kitchen for our recipe.