tomato chevre tart

tomato chevre tart // brooklyn supperSummer’s grace has descended here in Virginia. The seventeen-year cicadas are gone, but regular old ones hiss from the lush green trees, fireflies dot the evenings, and the first fruits and vegetables are ripening in our tiny garden. We’ve had a stretch of rainy days, and that’s felt right––a sort of nature-imposed time of reflection just ahead of the season of sweltering abundance.

And the tomatoes have arrived. [Read more…]

strawberry pie

strawberry pie // brooklyn supperA few mornings each week, I take a long walk through the woods. Nothing really happens on these long walks, which might be what makes them notable. My youngest and I stroll along the path, stopping to see what there is to see along the way. The vines have entered full attack mode, determined to drag every tree, however massive, back into the ground. The chartreuse leaves have gone emerald. And every street and path is filled with the sweet smell of late spring––floral and green. The grace in these warm last days of May has me wishing time could stand still. [Read more…]

blackberry swirl cheesecake + a gingerbread house

blackberry swirl cheesecake recipe // brooklyn supper I spent Christmas Eve building a gingerbread house with my oldest daughter and it was an absolute joy. I made this gingerbread recipe, drew up my own plans, and went for it. Then, with the help of two containers of very cheap grocery store frosting and lots of candy, we constructed a pretty charming little cabin. I liked making this one with minimal planning, but already I can envision a future in competitive gingerbread house building. It fulfills my 9 year-old self’s dream of being an architect, except with frosting. So very much frosting. Then, I made a cheesecake for Christmas dinner. [Read more…]

apple slab pie

Apple slab pie recipe, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

This weekend, I made this apple slab pie. It’s an enormous creation, replete with perfectly crisp fall apples and a buttery crust. It holds up beautifully for a crowd, with absolutely no worries about the filling setting up right. 

In this uncertain world it’s a fact that you can’t ever go wrong with a slab of pie. Try it. [Read more…]

loss, thanks, and pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie from scratch

Things have been pretty quiet around here. We said goodbye to our sweet pup Oscar last Friday, and since then I’ve been pretty blue. But the thing is, when you have two kids and a busy life, it’s hard to stop time and just be sad. The days when I could wallow in sadness, alternating between lounging in bed and long baths, are over. No matter what we’re feeling, lunch needs to be packed, people need to be picked up, dropped off, and life goes on. But amidst the hustle, there’s a stray hair, or a tennis ball rolling out from under the couch and my heart breaks all over again. [Read more…]

apple pie in the apple

apple pie in the apple

The fall, where fresh, crisp apples abound, is something to savor. New York is home to many apple orchards with a focus on tasty heirloom and hybrid varieties, and all fall long we gobble up copious quantities of Cortland, Empire, McIntosh, Idared, and Fuji apples, to name a few. Saturday, Brain came home with two big bags of apples: Cortlands and Honey Crisps. They were the perfect inspiration for these apple pies in the apple.

The apple cups lend a lot of bite and flavor, and make for an adorable personal pie. To boot, a tiny round of (flaky, buttery) crust and a lightly sweet filling make these little pies a lot healthier than the classic version. Head over the’s Family Kitchen for our recipe.