spiced bittersweet hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps

spiced bittersweet hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps // brooklyn supperspiced bittersweet hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by DeKuyper. All opinions expressed are my own, and do not reflect the opinions or positions of DeKuyper. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make Brooklyn Supper possible!

“Are you ready for Christmas?” seems to have become the standard holiday greeting, as though kindly store clerks and my fellow moms are wondering if I’ve prepared for the big meeting or finished my taxes. Personally, I miss the days of more joyful holiday wishes. Besides, organization has never been my strong suit; so being reminded of all the work I still need to do cuts deeply.

I take comfort in the fact that my family’s done all the most important things like watch Christmas movies with the kids and bake cookies. The tree we cut down ourselves stands twinkling in the living room. We’ve seen family and gone to recitals. I’ll get to the shopping, eventually. I hope. [Read more…]

herbed mushroom toasts + celebrating simply

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herbed mushroom toasts // brooklyn supperI (really) love to put out a spread of great food and drink, but the last few times I’ve hosted a big party, I’ve felt like I spent the whole party taking coats, mixing drinks, getting appetizers from the oven to the serving tray, instead of actually, y’know, spending time with all these people I like. So lately, as part of my ongoing quest for more meaningful interactions, I’ve been throwing smaller parties of four or five where I really have the time to enjoy the festivities. A few close friends, some good food, and a couple great bottles of wine is always the best.
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flourless chocolate cake with ginger and sea salt + redefining success

flourless chocolate cake with ginger and sea salt // brooklyn supperWhen you work for yourself, when a hobby turns into a job, it’s tough to measure success. And, where the internet is concerned, it’s nearly impossible.

My friend Kelly, the talented woman behind Design Crush, has an ongoing project to share a quote a day everyday this year. I must confess to kind of hating the typical quote sharing on the internet and can guarantee that I do not follow your inspiration board on Pinterest. (It’s not you, it’s me –– if I never see the Keep Calm meme again it will be too soon.)

Kelly’s quotes are different. They move beyond the fluff and hint at the best quiet, focused, or selfish bits of driven people. They reveal truths, minus the saccharine. And occasionally, the smart words she shares stop me in my tracks. [Read more…]

juniper-infused french 75

juniper-infused french 75 // brooklyn supperFor a while now, I’ve felt like the TV boyfriend checking his phone on a date –– like I’m not really present here. For one thing, moving to Virginia has changed me. I used to be positive that I wanted to live the homesteading life out here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, but I’m slowly realizing this city girl might not be cut out for all that. There have also been some pretty major changes in routine –– no coffee shop around the corner for a latte before I start working and no chance of running down the block to pick up some thyme for the sauce I have bubbling on the stove. I’m bad at planning ahead. [Read more…]

cognac medjool date ice cream

cognac medjool date ice cream // brooklyn supperBrooklyn Supper’s focus is on local, seasonal foods, but we’ve never been averse to seasonal foods that come from afar, especially in the winter. As east coasters, we have non-local foods on hand like coffee, chocolate, and lemons. And when it gets cold out, you can be sure we have pounds and pounds of oranges on the counter and a couple containers of dates in the fridge.

Date season peaks in the late fall, and so now is the time to get your hands on some if you haven’t already. Look for a box of delicate Medjool dates, which are almost overwhelmingly sweet. They’re sticky and yielding, with a hint of smokiness and a depth that’s surprising for fruit. After eating several straight out of the box, that intense sweet and smoky flavor got me thinking that dates would be an excellent addition to some boozy ice cream. I was totally right. [Read more…]

blackberry swirl cheesecake + a gingerbread house

blackberry swirl cheesecake recipe // brooklyn supper I spent Christmas Eve building a gingerbread house with my oldest daughter and it was an absolute joy. I made this gingerbread recipe, drew up my own plans, and went for it. Then, with the help of two containers of very cheap grocery store frosting and lots of candy, we constructed a pretty charming little cabin. I liked making this one with minimal planning, but already I can envision a future in competitive gingerbread house building. It fulfills my 9 year-old self’s dream of being an architect, except with frosting. So very much frosting. Then, I made a cheesecake for Christmas dinner. [Read more…]

quick-pickled grapes

quick-pickled grapes // brooklyn supper
Christmas calls to mind lots of food–gingerbread and peppermint, roast goose and baked ham, but most people probably don’t have visions of pickles dancing through their heads on Christmas Eve. Except in our house. I’m not sure how or why pickles and the holidays go together here, but they do. I’ve been thinking about our holiday traditions for an upcoming project and noticed a serious trend–quick pickles. I seem to bust these out any time more than four people gather in my kitchen (for examples, see here, here, here, and here–see what I mean?), and thought it was about time to share one of my favorite quick pickle recipes with you.

Quick-pickled grapes are sweet, and spicy, and just really good. [Read more…]

satsuma cranberry sablés + charities that matter

satsuma cranberry sablés // brooklyn supper
Pretty much always, I’m in this for the butter, especially where sweets are concerned. And, if you’ve read Brooklyn Supper for any amount of time, you have probably divined that I’m obsessed with citrus, and that zest of some fruit or another finds its way into almost all of my recipes. So for a recent cookie exchange hosted by Bloggers Without Borders, I did what came naturally to me and made these buttery, zesty sablés. [Read more…]

orange and pomegranate salad

orange and pomegranate salad // brooklyn supper
Food blogging can be a funny mix of reality and theater. Instead of buying a dazzling array of seasonal citrus, I went with what we had sitting around, three plain old (juicy, delicious) oranges and Thanksgiving ingredient leftovers (buttermilk, shallot, pomegranates, and rosemary included), which came together perfectly with tender spinach in a lovely jewel-toned plate. At the same time, to get the shot for this post, I had to place the salad on my hideous faux-marble, dark emerald green kitchen floor. And there it is, your perfect holiday salad, served, however beautifully, on the kitchen floor. [Read more…]