kabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger

kabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger // brooklyn supperkabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger // brooklyn supperIn the beginning, neither Brian nor I had grand ideas for parenthood. Honestly, it was a selfish endeavor for me –– I wanted to see if I really could, you know, create another human. I also, somewhat mistakenly, saw pregnancy as a great opportunity to eat a lot of ice cream. Our daughter was an easy baby, especially once we’d made it through those first six weeks, and Brian and I settled in to parenthood rather effortlessly.

And things went along this way, with the usual ups and downs, until last year. That was when we realized that the skills required to nurture a big kid and help them become an upstanding person are pretty different from the ones you need to nurture a baby. It’s been a tough transition, with lots of instances of helping our oldest navigate her relationships with others, resolve conflicts, and right wrongs. These same things happen with littles, but the social web of interactions is so much more immediate. Also, there’s homework. [Read more…]

loaded sweet potatoes with tangelos, avocado, and haloumi + healthier families {sponsored post}

loaded sweet potatoes with ginger citrus vinaigrette, tangelos, and haloumi // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Knowledge Universe. Thanks for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

Every week there’s a night where my deadlines combined with Brian’s work and an avalanche of homework or playdates or projects converge, and we don’t make it to the kitchen. Pizza is the easiest food to procure in a pinch, but we change things up by adding sushi or Mexican food to the mix. Recently, in a moment of rare lucidity, Brian and I discussed how much better it would be if we just planned to eat out once a week, instead of making the same desperate decision each Wednesday night at 6pm. We know there’s going to be a night when things are just too hectic, so why not plan for it and take away some of the stress and guilt involved?

A pizza confession may be an unusual way to begin a post about healthier families, but I think it raises an essential point: no parent is perfect. [Read more…]

keeping warm + spiced ginger lemon tea

ginger lemon tea // brooklyn supper
Last night I feel asleep to an almost comic clanking of the radiators. They’ve been puttering along all winter, but on this particular evening they were hissing at full-throttle. Winter has finally descended on the city. Not the brisk days of December, but the deep freeze of January and February. As if to emphasize the point, snow has been drifting from the sky all day, making our frost-blurred city views just a bit more picturesque. [Read more…]

ginger molasses bundt cake

molasses ginger cake

The week before Christmas is a less-than-ideal time to be swimming in deadlines, but that’s exactly where I find myself. Oh sure, there have been a few parties, cookie making, and other festive tasks, but, for the most part, my to-do list this week seems to have no end. I have an amazing cookie recipe and a new cocktail that I’m dying to share, but for now you’ll have to be happy with a gingery spiced bundt cake. Hey, ’tis the season! And anyway, this cake has an amazingly silky crumb, with plenty of spice and molasses, and serious kick from fresh ginger. Head over to Babble.com’s Family Kitchen for our recipe.

ultimate ginger cookies

I love almost everything about this time of year–family, lights, trees, giving ad receiving, and the food. But there’s one thing I don’t like, cookie season. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookies–it’s just that I’m not very good at making them. While all other manner of baked goods turn out well, I have a really hard time with cookies. There are two main problems, the first is that I don’t really measure that accurately, and the second is I always, always overcook them. Well, not exactly always, but usually.

Every year I promise myself to turn over a new leaf. And this year I may have actually done it. Over on Babble.com’s Family Kitchen we have been making some great cookies. And these ginger cookies are particularly awesome.

Gingersnaps are an excellent Christmas cookie and that’s usually what I make. But this year I wanted something chewy, not crisp. These ultimate ginger cookies fit the bill perfectly. With three kinds of ginger, whole-wheat flour, and the perfect balance of salty sweet, they’re my new favorite cookie. Like, favorite favorite. Head over to the Family Kitchen for the recipe.

maple ginger sweet potato casserole

Every year I make Shirley Corriher’s sweet potato pudding. It’s delicious, it’s decadent, and it’s super rich. In fact, my pumpkin pie is downright austere by comparison. This year, we have a smaller group than usual, and I thought it would be a good time to try a healthier version of the standard.

This casserole has delicious tropical notes with ginger and coconut, while the maple reflects a more traditional flavor. The end result is a tasty, lighter sweet potato casserole that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, or any other day. And, it’s totally vegan

Head over to the Family Kitchen for the recipe.