mozzarella baked eggs with zucchini and tabasco green sauce

mozzarella baked eggs with zucchini // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Tabasco. Thanks for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

Over the summer, I took to working mostly in the evenings. I’d wait for the sun to tip below our neighbor’s house, throwing a lovely golden light over the spot where I take pictures. I’d rush to get everything set up and then snap photos for an hour or so. Sometimes, I’d be thwarted by an evening storm, family, chaos, or poor timing, but I mostly got my shots.

Now, the light is changing – the sun’s tilting southward and each day I’m encountering shifting shadows and weird light. It’s also increasingly unacceptable for my photography schedule to push dinner back past 8 (the kids have school and all). The summer rhythm is dissipating, and though I’m glad for fall, I’m having a hard time letting go of the long days and beautiful light. [Read more…]