poached eggs and rainbow chard on sourdough toast

poached eggs and rainbow chard on sourdough toast // brooklyn supperWith a chill in the night air and a few recent professional disappointments, the past couple weeks have been a time for long, hot showers. At night, the bathroom all steamy, I listen to the BBC News, which focuses on Africa in the evening and often serves as a reminder that, with my safe home and clean water, I’m still ahead by more than any of us deserve. No one can blame me for being rooted in my own life –– it’s an essential part of being human –– but remembering that all I have is mine by chance is good way to keep things in check. [Read more…]

honeysuckle strawberry pavlovas + honeysuckle syrup

honeysuckle strawberry pavlovas // brooklyn supperLately, just making it from one day to the next feels like an accomplishment. Not that there’s anything out of sorts around here –– my days tend to get sucked into the chaos of helping two little kids through their day. It’s all the little things that one would fully expect from life with a six and two year old. But all those little things add up to minutes and hours spent locating missing socks, lost lovies, discussing the finer points of potty use, or sorting out the latest disagreement. All this leads to a sense of stumbling through my days, with countless emails left unanswered and the chaos always barely contained. [Read more…]

sweet potato waffles + thoughts on food waste

cornmeal sweet potato waffles // brooklyn supperFood waste is a serious problem. According to the NRDC, American consumers waste a full 25 percent of the food they buy. This is alarming for several reasons. To start, wasted food also represents a waste of water, land, energy, and financial resources. After being discarded, that wasted food largely ends up in landfills, representing 16 percent of methane output in the US. [Read more…]

saffron shakshouka

saffron shakshouka // brooklyn supperWhile complicated techniques, all-day cooking, and special ingredients can make for some fantastic meals, good pantry meals are essential to eating well. Because you need something economical and easy for those nights when your kitchen fantasies are disrupted by your actual life.

Shakshouka has been a favorite family dish for a few years now, and I’m always enchanted by it’s mix of smoky peppers, slowly building heat, rich tomatoes, and of course, poached eggs. [Read more…]

roasted potato, kale & tomato frittata + a klondike brands giveaway {sponsored post}

roasted potato, kale and tomato frittata // brooklyn supperroasted red potato, kale and tomato frittata // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Klondike Brand Potatoes. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Brooklyn Supper possible!

Let’s get this out of the way for the vocabulary sticklers, this isn’t exactly what the Accademia della Crusca would define as a “frittata” because it’s an egg dish prepared over potatoes, which are not a frittata ingredient. Many of you are probably taking off your glasses and saying, “it sounds more like a tortilla de patatas to me,” but we included vegetables in the eggs which is not traditional in the Spanish dish. In the end, we went with “frittata” because in the US, “tortilla” usually refers to the thing on the outside of a taco, so it’s confusing to talk about the other kind. [Read more…]