chocolate layer cake with kumquat glaze + weekend links

Things have been the usual kind of nuts lately. Our days have been busy, spent juggling deadlines and this and that. Yesterday, we made last minute dinner plans with friends, and sat down to a perfect winter feast that included these roasted chicken legs (my fourth go around on the recipe –– it’s that good), plus […]

black and white sesame chocolate bark

Peanuts were first. I’m not clear on exactly how it was discovered, but as long as I can remember I’ve been allergic. I was also allergic to tree nuts and avoided them, mostly. There was that one time on a plane when I ate that white chocolate almond-studded ice cream number. It was a cross […]

lattice-top lady apple pie

Holidays in years past have been epic affairs. Thanksgiving practically required a spreadsheet to organize, and Christmas needed Swiss precision as we rushed from this place to that. All that planning and coordinating made it hard to enjoy the holiday as it unfolded. This year, Brian and I decided to make some changes. Our Thanksgiving […]

kabocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger

In the beginning, neither Brian nor I had grand ideas for parenthood. Honestly, it was a selfish endeavor for me –– I wanted to see if I really could, you know, create another human. I also, somewhat mistakenly, saw pregnancy as a great opportunity to eat a lot of ice cream. Our daughter was an […]

flourless chocolate cake with ginger and sea salt + redefining success

When you work for yourself, when a hobby turns into a job, it’s tough to measure success. And, where the internet is concerned, it’s nearly impossible. My friend Kelly, the talented woman behind Design Crush, has an ongoing project to share a quote a day everyday this year. I must confess to kind of hating […]

tarte tatin with homemade rough puff pastry dough

The best desserts are the simplest desserts. A few flavors, choice ingredients, and enough finesse that everything together is so much better than any of the ingredients alone. It took me a while to really understand tarte tatin. For the longest time, it seemed to me it was just an upside down apple pie. Don’t […]