kale salad with sautéed apples

kale salad with sautéed apples // brooklyn supperFor the squirrels, it started a month ago. The first day of September, before the acorns fell, panic washed over the animal kingdom. Squirrels were more furtive and skittish then ever. Either a deer or a groundhog decided to eat all of our late strawberries, leaves and all. These days, it’s the birds who are nuts; the blue jays have returned from wherever they summer and the crows are back to making a ruckus.

In the human world, early October is a more appropriate time to freak out. [Read more…]

meet yer eats farm tour, charlottesville

bell air farm, meet yer eats farm tour // brooklyn suppercaromont farm, meet yer eats farm tour // brooklyn supper I’ve come to think of learning about seasonal food from the comfort of a Brooklyn address as akin to being a teenager, when you’re the all-knowing king of the teensiest sliver of actual life. The teenage world is prescribed; their intricate social customs and language have little bearing on the world at large. In your heart, you feel like you’ve figured it all out, but have yet to consider all the things you don’t know, with the compromise and complexity of adult life only a distant possibility. For better or worse, to be teenaged is to exist in a bubble.

In the same way, I thought I knew a lot about local food when I lived in New York City. [Read more…]

roasted vegetable salad with garlic dressing and toasted pepitas {a guest post for with food + love}

roasted vegetable salad // brooklyn supper for with food + loveroasted vegetable salad // brooklyn supper for with food + loveLet’s make it official, shall we fall? We’re kicking off the beginning of jacket season with a roasted everything salad featuring garden carrots, plus CSA chard, beets, and garlic. [Read more…]

cod and corn chowder

corn and cod chowder // brooklyn supperEven on the busiest nights, we almost always serve up a family dinner –– in part because we believe in sitting down as a family and in part because it’s just easier to only cook once. It sounds so simple here on the screen, but in reality, finding a meal to suit the shifting tastes girls age 3 and 7 is not easy. Or at least, it wasn’t, until I realized the power of a good soup.

Like many of the best dishes, this one started with M.F.K. Fisher. I love the simple eating she advocates, and at the center of her frugal and delicious universe, is soup. [Read more…]

fig and cantaloupe salad with watercress and creamy garlic lime dressing

fig and cantaloupe salad with watercress // brooklyn supperI decided I’d only worry about the garden through July. After that, I let it all surrender to the squash bugs, at least one groundhog, a few squirrels, possibly a deer, and powdery mildew and blight of all manner. But even as they weather the onslaught, the tired-looking plants still spew fruit. Most of my outdoor plants have had a banner year, especially considering my gardening-in-Virginia track record. All the plants, except the fig. [Read more…]

grilled wild salmon, fennel, and corn with dill butter + yummy supper cookbook giveaway

grilled wild salmon, fennel, and corn with dill butter // brooklyn supperAccording to the calendar, we’re right in the middle of August, though any sensory assessment would tell you it’s late September. It’s been a mild summer in Charlottesville, with only a handful of days where temperatures topped the 90 degree mark. And ever since we ticked over into the month of August, fall has been in the air. Tiny acorns are already dropping, dogwood leaves are tinged with red, while many of the tulip polars, birch, and black walnut trees have already yellowed and lost most of their leaves. The cicadas, typically deafening in the southern summer, never really reached full force. Instead, there’s the quiet hum of crickets.

No matter the time of year, I love how the changing seasons capture our attention. [Read more…]