satsuma cranberry sablés + charities that matter

satsuma cranberry sablés // brooklyn supper
Pretty much always, I’m in this for the butter, especially where sweets are concerned. And, if you’ve read Brooklyn Supper for any amount of time, you have probably divined that I’m obsessed with citrus, and that zest of some fruit or another finds its way into almost all of my recipes. So for a recent cookie exchange hosted by Bloggers Without Borders, I did what came naturally to me and made these buttery, zesty sablés. [Read more…]

nyc food blogger bake sale to support share our strength

Things at Brooklyn Supper headquarters can feel a little cramped. Here we are, a family of four, living in a tiny railroad apartment. Last month, Brian looked up our address in the 1940 census (which is a cool thing to do if you live, or have lived somewhere that was built before 1940). It turns out that in one of the apartments in our building there was a family of seven — two parents and their adult children ages 15 – 27. Now that’s crowded. Knowing that, I look around and can’t believe how much space we have. But that’s not all. [Read more…]

tangerine lime bars

tangerine lime bars

Way back when, oranges and other citrus fruits were a Christmas treat — stocking-worthy even. Pay tribute to simpler times with these bright and buttery tangerine lime bars. Tangy, creamy filling floats above an easy, yet flaky, shortbread-type crust. Silky and light, they melt in your mouth. Do yourself a favor and double the recipe (I wish I had). [Read more…]

salt and pepper gingerbread cookies

salt and pepper gingerbread

For the first time this year, we’ll be spending Christmas in Brooklyn. With two kids, it seemed like time to make our own holiday traditions and enjoy our own home, and neighborhood, on Christmas day. Brian and I have family in Virginia and we usually spend the holidays sprinting from house to house trying to get everyone scheduled in the prime 48 hours of Christmas. This year, we’re slowing things way down and it feels great.

And so we begin our own traditions, which is a funny thing. Traditions, by nature, aren’t begun, they just are. Cookies seemed like a pretty good place to start, so I got my oldest daughter in on the act with this gingerbread recipe. [Read more…]

oatmeal cranberry cookies with ginger

oatmeal cookies with cranberries and ginger

Cookies are always a nerve-wracking experience for me seeing as I nearly always over-bake them. But I love cookies, and especially just the right oatmeal cookie. My ideal has a balance between a lacy caramelized edge, and a chewy, buttery center. Happily, this oatmeal cranberry cookie with ginger turned out to have both qualities, plus a rich molasses flavor, the tang of dried cranberries (my new favorite), and the quiet bite of ginger.

It’s just the right kind of cookie to have tucked into your satchel on your early spring adventures. Get the recipe over on’s Family Kitchen.