greens and garlic soup

garlic and greens soup // brooklyn supperLast night at around 5:30pm here on the east coast, something magical happened. All at once, at the dinner table I looked up and noticed that it was still light outside. Instead of the pitch dark we had become accustomed to, there was a faintly pink sunset just wrapping up. I mentioned it to Brian and the girls, and we all agreed that spring might really be here soon. Later, a glance at my Instagram feed showed that others had noticed the pink glow, too.

Then today, a brief morning downpour greeted us as we left the house. The kind that makes everything smell like dirt. A spring rain. Once it had passed, I took a long walk. Suddenly, the warm sun was out, snow seemed to be melting in one giant gush, and the birds were chirping madly.

A week ago, I may have doubted it. But today, I tell you with total confidence that spring is coming.  [Read more…]

ham hock & collard soup with egg noodles

ham hock and collard soup with egg noodles // brooklyn supperHow do you like to cook? Is it the process or the end result? Are you inspired by the ingredients in their raw states, or only after they’ve been transformed? For some reason, this soup got me thinking about that stuff. Blogging has changed how I cook, and sometimes I worry that it has slowly made food feel like work. This dish took me back to my cooking roots and made us all a little happier. [Read more…]

roasted chicken with collards and tomatoes

Chicken and collards, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

Chicken and collards, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved
Lately, our apartment had gone from “slightly chaotic” to “post-apocalyptic.” Our one year-old is walking a bit, but more often and more worryingly, she is climbing anything that’s climbable. She has recently made appearances standing on the kitchen table, teetering atop almost every chair, and pulling up on all manner of boxes whether they are sturdy enough to support her or not. She’s also fond of sitting on the very edge of almost any drop off, including the bed, couch, or steps. Needing to watch our budding Evel Knievel every second of the day means there’s a lot less time for almost everything else, including family dinners.

So when the nice folks over at Real Simple asked if we wanted to get involved in Real Simple’s Month of Dinners blog relay, we said yes. Simple dinners? For a month? We (really) need that. [Read more…]