beef bone broth with spring vegetables and soba noodles

beef bone broth with spring vegetables and soba noodles // brooklyn supperFriends, Brian and I are thrilled to share the news that Brooklyn Supper is a 2015 Saveur Blog Awards Nominee in the Most Delicious Food category! Seriously, this is a dream come true. There are so many of my favorite blogs in the mix this year. Still, we’d be grateful if you’d take a second to cast a vote for us. Thank you!

The internet, and everyone else, wants the path to good health to be easy. Drink juice for a week or buy a cup of ten dollar bone broth and undo months of microwave pizzas topped with barbecue sauce. I’ve railed against the idea of fast! easy! cooking before, and I think many of the same ideas apply to health. Attention-grabbing quick fixes are a booming industry, but they all hide the simple truth that the real work of healthful eating is slow, steady, and frankly, kind of boring.

Likewise, many good meals can be made in a hurry, but, just as often, nourishing foods takes time. [Read more…]

olive oil carrot bread with candied carrots

olive oil carrot bread with candied carrots // brooklyn supperOver dinner, she asks, “If you could be anyone, who would it be?” Before she and her sister were born, I might have entertained the idea, but now, I wouldn’t change a thing. Understanding the improbability of it all, she says that I can have them and Brian and still be someone else. I say, “Someone rich, I guess.” But then I can’t think of anyone rich or brilliant I’d really want to be. I can’t think of another life I’d trade for my stressful, messy, chaotic one. (Surely, some more intensive thought might turn up the ideal life – if only based on location; in the moment, though, this is how is was.)  [Read more…]

roasted golden beet and carrot dip + reclaiming the kitchen

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Tracking Pixelroasted golden beet and carrot dip // brooklyn supperroasted golden beet and carrot dip // brooklyn supperThe home-cooked meal is tricky business. Brian and I strive for the domestic ideal of a meal made with care and skill shared with those we love. But in our lived experiences, there are nights when any number of ordinary calamities can trip us up, and we end up calling out for pizza. [Read more…]

layered salad in a jar

layered salad in a jar // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by SmartyPants Vitamins. Thank you for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

After years of growing summer foods in containers, I’ve been a little taken aback at the amount of time it takes to properly care for a real garden in Virginia in mid-July. This weekend, my diligence slipped a bit and we got the first woody green beans and one way-too-giant zucchini. The difference between a tender vegetable and an overgrown one feels like 5 minutes. And what began as a nice handful of this or that a few weeks ago, is now filling a pint (or even a quart) basket daily. It’s overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time. [Read more…]

roasted beet and carrot salad with beet green salsa verde + csa sign-ups

roasted beet and carrot salad with beet green salsa verde // brooklyn supperAfter returning from my morning rounds today, I cranked the oven to full blast, threw a big pot of water on the stove, and set about making this roasted carrot and beet salad. While I washed and peeled and chopped, I watched the birds (now out in force and doing their bird thing with no mind for the human world) and went over my to-do list, the top of which is getting signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Last year, we moved here right at the tail end of sign-ups, and just let it slip. But as the growing season progressed, Brian and I realized we’d made a huge mistake. Not only do CSAs do much to support local farmers as they begin their seasons by providing financial security no matter what the summer brings, CSAs benefit members too. [Read more…]

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing // brooklyn supper
Not so long ago, I worked in an office. The kind with little cubes and a computer monitor too small to display the spreadsheets I needed to use and a chair hierarchy that provided peons like me a work week of spinal pain and florescent lights hovering way too close. On my last day, I had only a small tote of things to collect. After nearly two years, I hadn’t moved in. I wish I’d thought to take a picture. It would be a great reminder as I try to balance mothering and writing and creative food and family food, that even on the worst days, I’m better off than I was in that awful gray cube. [Read more…]

rainbow carrot salad with mâche & toasted pepitas

rainbow carrot salad // brooklyn supperOver on Instagram, I like to share a lot of our family meals that don’t make it to the blog. As we’ve said before, not every meal we eat is picture perfect, but it’s real and tasty, and mostly, our girls eat it too. A few weeks ago, I posted this salad with carrots, endive, and lettuce, and people seemed to like it so much, I regretted that I didn’t have a recipe to share. So yesterday, I set out to make another version with the same horseradish and mustard dressing (I’ve been loving horseradish lately) and lovely shaved carrots. The result of my experiment is this rainbow carrot salad with mâche and salty toasted pepitas. [Read more…]

carrot, fennel, & orange soup + a giveaway {sponsored post}

carrot, orange, and fennel soup // brooklyn supper
At Brooklyn Supper, we love winter produce with a passion, but once the weather starts warming, we get a hunger for all things fresh. The problem is, while spring weather is definitely creeping up on us, it will be a few more weeks before the spring crops start hitting the farmer’s market. So for now, we’re left cooking spring dishes with somewhat stayed winter ingredients, which means we need to be creative to get that spring flavor we’re after. For example, this carrot, fennel, orange soup brings a lightness to good old carrots. The soup is bright and fresh, with a little bit of heat (courtesy of spicy Hungarian paprika), and a big dose of tang from the OJ. [Read more…]

lamb tagine with apricots & olives

lamb tagine with apricots & olives
Tagines (and I mean the cooking vessel here, not the dish made therein) are the kind of cookware you come across in the store or on a friend’s wedding registry and you picture yourself hosting a dinner party and setting a steaming stew in the tagine base in the center of your table and one of your friends asks “What’s that?”

“Oh, that?” you say, “That is my tagine. [Read more…]

lightness + radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad

radicchio, carrot & cara cara orange bulgar salad // brooklyn supper
This is a strange week–we’ve been working as hard as ever, but there’s a lightness to things. Brian and I have been having fun after putting the girls to bed, drinking beers, typing away on our respective laptops, talking into the night, and making future plans. Even the baby’s recent decision to stop napping and our oldest coming home with a tiny fever haven’t dampened spirits in our drafty little apartment. Could it be the brighter days? The buds forming on the trees? The fluffy clouds hanging in the crisp February sky over the East River? Whatever it is, I’ll take it. [Read more…]