stuffed butternut squash

stuffed butternut squash // brooklyn supperWe’ve been eating our weight in butternut squash lately, and I am a big fan of its abundant, silky flesh. It’s my fave, as far as squash go. While the top of the butternut is nothing but squash, the amount of edible squash in the rounded bottom is scant. While it’s not usually thought of as a stuffing squash, we have so many, I thought I’d experiment a little. [Read more…]

now in season: redbor kale + kale, butternut squash, and orange salad

redbor kale // brooklyn supper
redbor kale salad with butternut squash and orange // brooklyn supperOur last CSA share of the year featured a bunch of Redbor kale. I loved its deep purple and green hues and stashed it for a weekday salad–my favorite use for kale. A few days later, I roasted a butternut squash (one of seven to pass through my kitchen in the past month), and supremed an orange to go with it.  [Read more…]