shaved brussels sprout, bacon, and meyer lemon salad + weekend links

shaved brussels sprout, bacon, and meyer lemon salad // brooklyn supperThis week has been all about recovery. Something about the first gusts of bone chilling wind, the time change, and plain old exhaustion, have had me in bed every night by 10pm. Extra blankets have come out, even if it’s just so Brian and I can still sleep with the windows open.

I like the change. And the wind is even better. It’s cleansing –– blowing away whatever’s built up or unwanted. With each gust, a colorful rain of fall leaves pour down and a faint howl wraps around the house. Cozy times are in full effect, and I am so completely all in. [Read more…]

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing

shaved brussels sprout and carrot salad with cara cara, avocado, and orange tahini dressing // brooklyn supper
Not so long ago, I worked in an office. The kind with little cubes and a computer monitor too small to display the spreadsheets I needed to use and a chair hierarchy that provided peons like me a work week of spinal pain and florescent lights hovering way too close. On my last day, I had only a small tote of things to collect. After nearly two years, I hadn’t moved in. I wish I’d thought to take a picture. It would be a great reminder as I try to balance mothering and writing and creative food and family food, that even on the worst days, I’m better off than I was in that awful gray cube. [Read more…]

shaved fennel and brussels sprout salad with apples

shaved fennel, brussels sprout, and apple salad // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Thanks for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

Consider yourself warned, I’m going to talk a little bit of trash on Thanksgiving. It’s hard for me because holiday-wise Thanksgiving is second only to Christmas in my heart. The thing is though, I hate rules. And Thanksgiving has so many. You HAVE to serve this or that. It’s tradition. I love tradition! But I hate cold casseroles. [Read more…]

roasted brussels sprouts with old bay and parsley

roasted brussels sprouts with old bay and parsley // brooklyn supperThe other day, Brian got off work early and we took a trip to park with the girls, including a pretty magical hike. We meandered according to the whims of our toddler, spotted lots of deer, and took in the just-changing season. I learned on a recent trip to Vermont that they call it stick season –– the time after the leaves are gone but before the first snow falls. Up there, stick season is a time to prepare for the winter ski season and take care of things at home. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, with only occasional snow, stick season just means winter. Happily, we’re still enjoying mild, completely gorgeous weather, making it a pleasure to be outside, leaves or no.

But I’m also ready to head inside. Reflection, cooking, and quieter times all sound pretty great. In the kitchen, I’ve been doing a better job of digging into the fall produce. Today’s project: Brussels Sprouts. [Read more…]

smaller things + baked eggs with brussels sprouts & mushrooms

baked eggs with brussels sprouts & mushrooms // brooklyn supperThe internet is full of big, amazing people. People whose cakes are frosted perfectly, people whose children don’t spill yogurt down the front of their shirt at lunch, people who stroll around the city and don’t even care that their suede shoes are getting ruined in the puddles because it’s not a big deal to buy another pair. We are not those people. There’s something in the air lately–real life, real blogging, real talk, real food. I like that. Especially because I don’t stand a chance of ever being one of those big, amazing types. Our life is messy, hopelessly real, and very far from perfect. [Read more…]