poached eggs and skillet toast with jalapeño fennel salad

poached eggs, skillet toast and jalapeño fennel salad // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Tabasco. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Brooklyn Supper possible!

On a hot summer Saturday eight years ago, Brian and I went to Prune for brunch. Like every meal I ever had at Prune, it was epic. (Lots of places in NYC phone it in when it comes to brunch, Prune, however, is not messing around.) But the reason I remember that brunch in particular is that Prune is teeny tiny. And, well, I was not. I was 41 weeks pregnant with a baby girl who in short order would come into the world at an impressive 9 pounds 10 ounces. Being full-term and all, I needed to go to the bathroom at least twice during our brunch and this meant that literally half the tables in the restaurant had to stand up to let me through. After brunch, Brian and I went on a walk all the way around the southern tip of Manhattan, and back up through Tribeca and on to Union Square. (The adventure was an ill-fated attempt to walk myself into labor.)

All these years later, I’m glad we went to brunch that day and enjoyed our last childless meal at a restaurant. [Read more…]

mozzarella baked eggs with zucchini and tabasco green sauce

mozzarella baked eggs with zucchini // brooklyn supperThis post is sponsored by Tabasco. Thanks for supporting Brooklyn Supper’s sponsors!

Over the summer, I took to working mostly in the evenings. I’d wait for the sun to tip below our neighbor’s house, throwing a lovely golden light over the spot where I take pictures. I’d rush to get everything set up and then snap photos for an hour or so. Sometimes, I’d be thwarted by an evening storm, family, chaos, or poor timing, but I mostly got my shots.

Now, the light is changing – the sun’s tilting southward and each day I’m encountering shifting shadows and weird light. It’s also increasingly unacceptable for my photography schedule to push dinner back past 8 (the kids have school and all). The summer rhythm is dissipating, and though I’m glad for fall, I’m having a hard time letting go of the long days and beautiful light. [Read more…]

fresh tomato bloody maria cocktails

bloody maria cocktails // brooklyn supperbloody maria cocktails // brooklyn supperSummer obsessives hold on to the season until the equinox makes things official in late September. For others, it’s the end of Labor Day weekend that signals summer’s end (it falls especially late this year). I’m a weather nerd, and as such, tend to adhere to the meteorological calendar in which the seasons change with the weather – meteorological fall ticks over on September 1. [Read more…]

tomato and plum galette with black pepper parmesan crust

tomato and plum galette with black pepper parmesan crust // brooklyn supperI was up late last night making a batch of nectarine rosemary jam. Earlier, I’d been out to a local low-spray orchard with a friend, and we came back with boxes of seconds for preserving. Though plenty sweet and flavorful, the seconds were between 50 and 75 percent cheaper than their unblemished cousins, making it far too easy to buy an amount of nectarines and peaches that can only be described as totally crazy (somewhere around a bushel and a half).

Please, send canning jars my way – I’m all out.  [Read more…]

honey cornmeal waffles with blackberry syrup

honey cornmeal waffles with blackberry syrup // brooklyn supper

I’m not having a productive summer and it’s getting worse. Despite waking up late most mornings, I’ve now napped two days in a row. My coffee game is off. Getting work done feels like it depends on some strange alchemy. If I sit in the right spot, glasses cleaned and aligned just so, and the coffee’s fresh, maybe I’ll make progress? Nope. I wander out to the garden instead.

Billowing thunderheads, the deafening roar of the cicadas, minuscule progressions in the growth of my watermelons (you guys – I’m growing watermelons!), all seem far more important than work right now.  [Read more…]

watermelon coolers with ginger and lime

watermelon coolers with ginger and lime // brooklyn supperThe girls really wanted a watermelon and against my better judgement, I bought one. A cool watermelon on a hot summer day is a joy, of course, but getting through a whole one when you’re don’t have company is a challenge. I used part of it in a batch of watermelon salsa over the weekend, gave a few slices to the girls, and ate some more of it myself over the sink, but still found myself with more than half of it in the fridge. If eating this enormous watermelon wasn’t in the cards, I was sure we could drink it. And so we did. [Read more…]

green bean salad with peaches and balsamic bitters vinaigrette

green bean salad with peaches and balsamic bitters vinaigrette // brooklyn supperWe’re sitting down to dinner late again. The girls are genuinely hungry, not to mention exhausted after staying up late the night before for fireworks. Brian’s made flatbread pizzas. Thirty minutes ago, I told him I’d be done taking pictures in 10 minutes, so they’re getting cold. Our littlest, still only three, grows restless and jostles my precarious photo setup just as storm clouds rolling in from the west swallow the evening light faster than usual. In these moments, I’m not at my best. Making a living as a blogger means blending real life with work life. Right now, trying to get the shot – holding my breath as the camera shutter opens and closes, begging my three year-old not to touch anything, fretting about a cold dinner – I need my real life to pause. But life with kids (or even without, really), doesn’t work that way.
[Read more…]

strawberry balsamic jam

strawberry balsamic jam // brooklyn supper

In my heart, I’m a meanderer. During a quiet morning at home, if things are going well, I’m fully immersed in at least three tasks at once, wandering between each one as my interest shifts. In my art, I gravitate toward the endless possibilities of oil painting and fell hard for process-driven printmaking. I even made photography complicated, opting for handmade paper, pinhole cameras, and painted-on emulsion. [Read more…]

ricotta strawberry cake

ricotta strawberry cake // brooklyn supperricotta strawberry cake // brooklyn supperTomorrow is the last day to vote in the Saveur Blog Awards. It’s been an incredible month, but I’m starting to feel like Cinderella at 11:55, afraid it’s all about to disappear in a poof. In two days, I may find myself alone with a pumpkin and some mice, so I’m having one last celebration. Being a finalist (for Most Delicious Food, no less) is a dream come true. Seriously. It’s been a long road – learning to take a decent picture, to write like “myself,” and to come up with recipes I think you’ll love week in and week out. Each time I hit publish and your thoughtful comments, likes, and shares start rolling in, I feel so lucky to have you here, reading and appreciating my work. [Read more…]

ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs

ramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperramp and spinach caesar salad with poached eggs // brooklyn supperA couple days ago, a deluge churned through Virginia. Big, fat drops fell for hours, filling the day and then the night with the sounds and smells of a soaking spring rain.

Just before the storm moved in, I drove to the store to supplement the sparse offerings at the weekend farmer’s market. My white car was faintly yellow from a thin layer of fluffy pollen. The windshield was covered too, but since it’s the height of pollen season – a time when huge plumes of pollen billow into the air with each gust of wind – my wipers were out of fluid. I made do with the occasional drops already falling and was thankful to be dealing with such a dirty windshield on a cloudy day. Here in Charlottesville, I head out to the grocery nearly every day. I guess I’ve just never recovered from my morning walks back in Brooklyn and being able to pop in somewhere on the way home. So now I drive, a list tucked into my pocket, hopeful that the place I’ve selected will have pretty beets and tapioca, or whatever odds and ends I need on that particular day. [Read more…]