cod and corn chowder

corn and cod chowder // brooklyn supperEven on the busiest nights, we almost always serve up a family dinner –– in part because we believe in sitting down as a family and in part because it’s just easier to only cook once. It sounds so simple here on the screen, but in reality, finding a meal to suit the shifting tastes girls age 3 and 7 is not easy. Or at least, it wasn’t, until I realized the power of a good soup.

Like many of the best dishes, this one started with M.F.K. Fisher. I love the simple eating she advocates, and at the center of her frugal and delicious universe, is soup. [Read more…]

grilled lamb with haricot vert and coconut milk broth

grilled lamb with haricot vert and coconut milk broth // brooklyn supperIt might just be because the combination of a breezy May evening, medium-rare spring lamb, tender haricot vert, and a Thai-spiced coconut milk broth make for a straight-up amazing dinner, but last Sunday an unheard-of civility descended on our family table for a precious few minutes and it was the best. If you make this dish (and you should), I can’t promise it will work the same kind of magic, but at least you’ll know your tastebuds will be rewarded handsomely.  [Read more…]

roasted cauliflower and garlic soup with caramelized onions

roasted cauliflower & garlic soup with caramelized onions // brooklyn supper

As the days and weeks add up, as the fall seems to have gone from just beginning to full-on, I’m feeling a little stunned. I’ve loved every minute of the mild early fall weather. Now that things have edged colder, and I find myself a little bewildered even thinking of coats. But, the occasional blast from the heater, my withered garden, and all these pumpkins seem to point to the inevitable. Soup weather, we meet again. [Read more…]

ham hock & collard soup with egg noodles

ham hock and collard soup with egg noodles // brooklyn supperHow do you like to cook? Is it the process or the end result? Are you inspired by the ingredients in their raw states, or only after they’ve been transformed? For some reason, this soup got me thinking about that stuff. Blogging has changed how I cook, and sometimes I worry that it has slowly made food feel like work. This dish took me back to my cooking roots and made us all a little happier. [Read more…]

braised chicken legs with turnips and radishes

Way back when, my New Year’s resolution was to do less. Actually to say no –– to work, to great opportunities, to plans. But yeah, I haven’t. I’ve said yes, yes, yes, and it’s been pretty great. Except when it isn’t. Like now. With the baby officially cruising, and since she’s a tall little thing, our house has looming piles all above the 24″ mark. After an awesome catering opportunity (more on that to come), our kitchen is still in shambles, with boxes of dishes on the floor, and a backlog of glasses next to the sink. At least, thanks to the eating (and smearing and throwing) habits of said baby, four square feet of the kitchen floor is very clean, and I’m sweeping three times a day.

But I don’t want to sweep, or clean, or organize, or do dishes. I want to daydream. Cook. Write. Make jam. Take pictures. Paint sticks, sing songs, and play in the sprinkler. And you know, I will. Someday. For now, let’s start with an easy recipe for moist and flavorful braised chicken. There, at least that was easy. [Read more…]

potlikker soup with ham hock and egg noodles

potlikker with greens and noodles
One of my lesser New Year’s resolutions was to eat more cooked greens. For whatever reason (somewhere between an aversion to extra dishes and a hatred of soggy greens), I’ve never really cooked my greens. Until now. So far, I’ve blanched and sauteed, and without a soggy green in sight, I’m loving the results.

Besides, if you never cook your greens, you’ll never get potlikker. [Read more…]