summer produce guide: what to eat right now (beginning of july)

weekly summer produce guide to what’s in season right now based on the contents of our CSA share, with CSA and farmer’s market recipes and inspiration.

summer produce guide: what to eat right now (beginning of july) // brooklyn supperI’m currently running about a week behind on everything. Editors aren’t happy, the children aren’t happy, and I’m definitely not happy. But you didn’t come here to hear about my problems. You’ve got illegal fireworks to buy, beers to put on ice, and a stars and stripes salads to make. So let’s get into some great local produce and then peace out for a much-needed weekend of relaxing, grilling, drinking, and sitting in lawn chairs. [Read more…]

blackberry shrub cocktails with mint

blackberry shrub cocktails // brooklyn supperAs the calendar ticked over to the unofficial start of fall and our pool closed up for the season, something unexpected and entirely unwelcome happened –– summer started. Suddenly it was hot and sticky. The cicadas which had been quiet returned with full voices. Summer storms cropped up. As someone who loves wool, overheats easily, and has hair with serious frizz potential, I take this late-onset summer very personally.

On the other hand, there are a few things I’ll miss about summer. As we get the first winter squash in our CSA share, I’m still clinging to all the summer ingredients poised to disappear at any moment. Among them, blackberries. [Read more…]

mixed berry coconut cream parfaits

mixed berry coconut cream parfaits // brooklyn suppermixed berry coconut cream parfaits // brooklyn supperMemorial Day is upon us and Brian and I have big plans for the weekend. My benevolent in-laws are taking our girls for a few days, leaving Brian and me with the time to sleep in, wander a bit, and lounge by our favorite swimming hole without fear of our little ones drowning, getting poison ivy, or slipping on wet cement. I usually do my best to deny summer’s arrival right up until the time I start contending with sweat stains, but this year, I’m being proactive. Bathing suits and sun screen are in hand. Bring it on, summer! [Read more…]