cauliflower bacon soup with chives

cauliflower bacon soup with chives // brooklyn supper
The main way a windy New York day differs from days in other places I’ve lived is in the amount of debris blowing down the street. In Virginia a windy day might have meant some blowing leaves and a few papers, but here, the walls of buildings channel the wind into something powerful enough to really pull up all sorts of things from who knows where and I’ve seen large plastic sheets, advertising circulars, trashcans and their contents all tumbling down the street. I once saw a pair of couch cushions blow by our building like tumbleweeds. It can be a little frightening if you’re out in it, especially if you’re walking by a construction site (which is every other lot in our neighborhood), but looking out the window, it’s easy to imagine everything old is being blown away and you’re getting a fresh start. [Read more…]

roasted parsnip soup with bacon and shallots

roasted parsnip soup with bacon and shallots // brooklyn supper

I’ve got a slew of complicated recipes ready to share, but this week they just felt like too much. It’s been another crazy week around here, and right now I think a simple soup is in order. With rain in the forecast pretty much every day next week, we’re all going to need a little warmth. The recipe combines sweet roasted parsnips with lots of shallots and a bit of bacon for smoky flavor; there are undertones of bay, black pepper, and white wine. Simply put, this roasted parsnip soup is velvety, comforting, and warm. [Read more…]

buckwheat pancakes with brown sugar and bacon

buckwheat bacon pancakes
Bacon and buckwheat were an unlikely combination, but we were out of butter, and had some bacon, not to mention a few tablespoons of bacon grease I’d saved. Brian was the first to get behind the idea, and with just a little convincing I decided to give it a try. Turns out bacon and buckwheat should have teamed up long ago. The pancakes were surprisingly supple, light, balanced, and divinely sweet and savory–officially my new favorite breakfast. [Read more…]

belgian endive salad with pear and bacon

Endive, pear and bacon saladBelgian endive is actually a member of the daisy family and is completely kept from sunlight as it grows to keep the leaves from turning green or opening up. Otherwise they are too bitter to eat. I always wonder about foods like that where there is some really complicated way of growing them. Like who was the first person who was like “Ugh, this tastes terrible! Maybe if I grew it in the absence of sunlight, though.”

However that person thought it up, I’m glad they did. Belgian endive is one of my favorite vegetables and this salad is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Sweet pears and rich bacon are the perfect match for the mild bitterness of the endive, and the creamy yogurt dressing with a hint of acidity ties it all together. While we had this for dinner, I can also imagine it as part of an early spring brunch. [Read more…]

the best baked beans

Baked beans are not always baked and that’s fine, but we really feel like if we’re going to call them baked beans, we need to bake them. Maybe that’s something we need to get over. But when you bake them and the liquid starts to get all thick and rich around the edges, that’s the best.

With a little bit of caramelization, maple syrup, mustard, and molasses, these beans are a mid-winter treat. And the real curve ball is lamb bacon. Our butcher happened to have some house-made lamb bacon and the price was right, so we went for it. The results were incredible. [Read more…]

three fall salads

Brooklyn Supper headquarters is starting to gear up for Thanksgiving. It’s our favorite holiday, and we take it pretty seriously. Though we’re expecting an intimate group this year we’re still going to do it up right. This week we blogged about a few Thanksgiving-worthy salad options over on Babble’s Family Kitchen. These recipes are also great for everyday dinner, or brown bag lunches. Now that chilly weather has arrived here in NYC I’m really enjoying the warmer side of fall foods. Here are three seasonal fall salads sure to add another layer of cozy to this wonderful time of year.

Green salad with bacon, pears and buttermilk dressing

Roast cauliflower salad with dried cherries and horseradish

Spicy roast squash salad with parsley

blt’s, repeat after me

Maybe you should have a BLT.

I am always amazed that something so simple can be so delicious. We picked up some thick cut bacon from the meat guy at the McCarren Park farmer’s market on Saturday, and paired it with a couple heirloom tomato slices, lettuce, and some ciabatta from the Bedford Cheese shop. Add mayonnaise and yum.

Brian really heightened the deliciousness by singing Michael Jackson’s PYT with some alternate lyrics praising the BLT. The only downside is it’s a real brain worm, so be careful.