roasted beet and carrot salad with beet green salsa verde + csa sign-ups

roasted beet and carrot salad with beet green salsa verde // brooklyn supperAfter returning from my morning rounds today, I cranked the oven to full blast, threw a big pot of water on the stove, and set about making this roasted carrot and beet salad. While I washed and peeled and chopped, I watched the birds (now out in force and doing their bird thing with no mind for the human world) and went over my to-do list, the top of which is getting signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Last year, we moved here right at the tail end of sign-ups, and just let it slip. But as the growing season progressed, Brian and I realized we’d made a huge mistake. Not only do CSAs do much to support local farmers as they begin their seasons by providing financial security no matter what the summer brings, CSAs benefit members too. [Read more…]

salt dough christmas ornaments

salt dough christmas ornaments // brooklyn supperSalt dough Christmas ornamentsĀ are perfect for me, and likely for many of you, for the simple reason that while I am not an especially crafty person, I am pretty comfortable baking. So a craft that you bake is about as good as a craft is going to get for me. This is our second time making them and they’ve been great for both the craft-challenged and children in our family. [Read more…]

satsuma plum ice cream

satsuma plum ice cream // brooklyn supperToday, it’s undeniable. The maple trees, still green last week, are quickly turning orange. In fact, all of the trees have begun to take on a hint of ochre. Sunlight has starting shining in from the southern-facing windows. Our back yard, having enjoyed full-on sun all summer, is now darkened by shadows most of the day. Autumn is unquestionably my favorite season, but I’m not quite ready to jump in this year. Living in a new place, a not NYC kind of place, has me worried about what the winter’s going to look like. I imagine it will be quiet, probably too quiet, with plans cancelled due to bad weather, and parks and trails abandoned for long stretches. [Read more…]

grilled radishes with mint & lime

grilled radishes with mint and lime // brooklyn supper
As CSA shares get underway this year, I know one thing for certain: you are swimming in radishes. And sure, for the first few bunches it’s a delight to cut them up and eat them on the spot with bread and butter or sea salt. But as bunch after bunch begins to pile up, desperation can set in. Never fear, dear reader. The Brooklyn Supper test kitchen is here for you. [Read more…]

strawberry smash cocktails with tarragon

strawberry tarragon smash // brooklyn supper
Over the winter, I usually leave the plants in my ramshackle container garden to fend for themselves. Predictably, they become a brown and shriveled tangle of undifferentiated plants. It’s actually pretty unsightly, but I can never bring myself to accept the end of the growing season or rule out the remote possibility of fresh rosemary in December. As winter wanes and the days lengthen and warm, I’m always amazed by whatever it is that springs back to life. Chives, strawberries, and echinacea are tried-and-true, but the herbs are less predictable. This year’s surprise was tarragon. Small yet robust, it announced itself as a shock of green against a mass of dead brown something. [Read more…]

gluten-free coconut flour pancakes with strawberries

coconut flour pancakes with strawberries (gluten-free) // brooklyn supperOne of the things I love most about eating seasonally is that it gives the seasons and the weather real meaning. Each week of the growing season brings new possibilities. Last year, an early spring meant favorite summer fruits showed up almost a month early. This year, things are arriving more or less on schedule, so we’re still waiting for strawberries and asparagus (though we do have ramps!). [Read more…]

blackberry swirl cheesecake + a gingerbread house

blackberry swirl cheesecake recipe // brooklyn supper I spent Christmas Eve building a gingerbread house with my oldest daughter and it was an absolute joy. I made this gingerbread recipe, drew up my own plans, and went for it. Then, with the help of two containers of very cheap grocery store frosting and lots of candy, we constructed a pretty charming little cabin. I liked making this one with minimal planning, but already I can envision a future in competitive gingerbread house building. It fulfills my 9 year-old self’s dream of being an architect, except with frosting. So very much frosting. Then, I made a cheesecake for Christmas dinner. [Read more…]

a merry little christmas

a merry little christmas // brooklyn supper
I set out this morning to share a recipe my good friend Lily and her mom Judy created for lovely homemade cookie ornaments but I ended up passing a rainy day fruitlessly rifling through boxes, drawers, and stacks of paper. Lily was nice enough to share her family recipe and teach our oldest daughter and me how to make them last year, and although I have a distinct memory of placing it somewhere special so I wouldn’t forget it, I can’t remember where I put the card with the recipe. [Read more…]