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  1. This looks delicious! So summery and perfect. The photo of the mountains and the queen anne’s lace is stunning. I love queen anne’s lace and wanted to use it at my wedding but it was too early in the season.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Tux, Thanks for the kinds words! Queen Anne’s lace is a big favorite of mine too. In fact, I got married in late September and totally missed the boat on getting these beauties in my bouquet. Glad you dropped by!

  2. There is so much cool stuff in this salad! I absolutely love it!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Katrina, Yes! Glad you think so. These kind of salads, with all those ingredients, stress me out a bit. While shooting it feels like they’re going to be a big mess. Happily, it turned out pretty well, though. Happy grilling!

  3. What a wonderful salad – so bright and fresh and vibrant. Full of summer goodness. I hope you guys have a wonderful (and tick-free…) weekend.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Kathryn, Ha! Thanks. I think the tick damage has been done –– I have to stop what I’m doing and conduct a tick check pretty regularly, mostly because my imagination is *positive* I have even more ticks. And three cheers for all the summer goodness; it’s almost overwhelming, isn’t it? Hope your weekend is sunny and relaxing. Cheers!

  4. these photos are amazing. and did i read that right?? watermelon and DONUT salad?!?1!!! i’m dying.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Molly, Well it’s donut *peach*, BUT if someone on these internets can pull of a straight-up watermelon and donut salad, it’s you. Get on that! And thanks for dropping by!

      • AHHH!!! i’m such an idiot. totally just came home with donuts and a watermelon and came straight here to look up this recipe. watermelon and donut AND peach salad… coming right up :-)

  5. now this is a seriously good looking salad, the colours and your photos are incredibly beautiful. love it!

  6. What a well written post. I really enjoyed that! And this salad looks so fresh and insanely delcous. I would even hike through a tick filled forest to get to it :)

  7. It’s funny how we create memories like that—well said! This salad is absolutely lovely. I’m growing watermelons in the garden this year (experiment) so if any of them ever get big enough I will absolutely be making this!

  8. Sarah

    Hello! Looks like you added tomatoes and corn? I don’t see them in the recipe,but it looks like it in the picture. Just wanted to clarify and see how it tasted with those two things in it as well.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Sarah, I did add cherry tomatoes and ground cherries (a kind of husk tomato). Accidentally left them off the recipe, but I’ll add it right now. Thanks for catching that!

  9. Grilled watermelon salad is actually my new favorite summer salad (just posted a recipe last week) and I love your take on it! Totally into the idea of adding peaches and finishing everything with a luscious balsamic reduction.

    P.S. I have such a great time browsing through your blog. I’ve stumbled upon your recipes every now and then, but somehow I’ve never really taken the time to explore your gorgeous space. So much good food, so much inspiration. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Sini, I love your take on grilled watermelon! All those delicate greens are a fantastic compliment to the watermelon, I’m sure. And thanks so much for your kind words about the blog! I am glad we’ve bumped into each other online, because I am now a huge fan of your work too!


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