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  1. The thought of these little pies is making my mouth water!

  2. preach, girl. I’ve long struggled with this, and have a hard time striking a balance. Photography has never been my forte, and I started my blog to share my recipe, my heart, my triumphs and failures in the kitchen. But, it seems like food blogging has turned into a pretty picture — and while I LOVE pretty pictures and want to present my food in the best way possible – it gets a little extreme. Anyway, I appreciate the honesty. It’s great.

  3. I love sour cherries and never thought if making my own (only see them in cans!) this looks amazing!

  4. Your hand pies look simply amazing… and I so relate to your thoughts, as I made a batch of my own cherry hand pies a few days ago that I deemed not pretty enough to photograph/post. They were a total oozy mess, but delicious. I started my blog primarily to dust off a long-neglected urge to write, but it seems the only way to grow an audience is to have stunning photography as well…. Who knew shooting food could be so challenging? I do find it to be a fun challenge though… most days :)
    Thank you for this lovely post…

  5. Just heard about your site from reading a post from Gourmande in the kitchen. So glad I stopped by, cherries are my favorite and I love these little hand pies. Have not used amaranth flour yet. Pinned!


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