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  1. I could definitely go for a boozy shake! Being that close to a Milk Bar would be so dangerous, but what a fun date night.

  2. If I left my windows open I would turn into a popsicle!!! But I’m happy you’re enjoying the weather you have :) This ice cream looks SO GOOD! Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day coming up!

  3. I so wish I could leave my windows open… we got a big walloping snowstorm last night, and this morning the bedroom windows were covered with a thin film of frost. Brrrrr.
    Not that this cold is stopping me from craving this gorgeous ice cream or anything. In fact, I’m totally wishing I had a couple of scoops of this right freakin’ now! :)

  4. I cannot even stress how much I wish I had a bowl of this in front of me right now.


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