spinach salad with broccoli and red peppers + weekend links

spinach salad with broccoli and red peppers // brooklyn supperThis week has seen a lot more upheaval than I’m ever comfortable with, but even when things are chaotic, I guess it’s best to continue moving forward. At least the weather has relented; we’re looking forward to a weekend spent trying to cultivate even a hint of sunburn. And Sunday, food bloggers everywhere will be doing cartwheels over the time change –– more light on the way!

As we head towards what scientifically has to be warmer weather, I’m looking forward to the fresh crop of spring foods. I find I’m already dreaming of asparagus, tender spinach, and green garlic. Until these things are available locally, I’ve been taking liberties in the produce aisle. Lunches lately have been variations on this wonderfully crisp and vibrant spinach salad with broccoli and red pepper, posted earlier in the week on Babble Food.

Weekend links:

1. A simple, beautiful breakfast smoothie, plus thoughts on food and blogging from the talented Sarah of The Vanilla Bean Blog
2. Apparently, salmonella-contaminated eggs are really rare
3. BPA –– not so bad after all?
4. In light of the above, relating big time to these ghosts in Portlandia

And from us recently:

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2. Cruciferous vegetable are really good for you. The reasons why, plus recipes.
3. 18 ways to eat the homeliest of root vegetables
4. 12 tasty homemade veggie burger recipes
5. 18 creative pesto recipes
6. 12 ways to turn plain old toast into a meal
7. 15 grilled cheese recipes
8. Baked eggs worth getting out of bed for
9. 12 essential kitchen tools


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