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  1. These are so pretty in that perfectly rustic sort of way. And I love the list of ingredients – so wholesome and delicious!

  2. Jan

    These look really yummy!

  3. MB

    Oh how I wish Grow Happy had been around when my kids were tiny! Can I tell you I love to follow your blog, as I discover all sorts of amazing initiatives… Thanks for the great recipe as well. I may have to try them, and share them in the Teacher’s Lounge… teachers need to eat better too! We’re all recovering from Pi Day :)

    • Hi MB, I have to say, this comment made my day. It is incredibly gratifying that you find some of the info here useful. I wish I could send you some of these — you teachers must have been up to your eyeballs in pie last week!

  4. These look so great. Although my daughter is not quite one, I’m already looking at ways to make sure she can eat delicious but healthy food. That said, these granola bars look equally good for grownups! (quick tip – when I make granola bars I chill them in the fridge to make slicing easier)

    • Hi Sarah, Good luck in your noble quest! Some parents get lucky, but for a lot of us, there’s a day somewhere between one and two where former veggie eaters suddenly only want starchy, off white carbs. Here’s hoping your daughter is immune to their lure.

      And that’s a great tip about the granola bars –– I’ve used that technique before too. I’m going to update the recipe to recommend chilling these. Thanks *so* much for dropping by!

  5. Figs, tahini, honey…some of my favorite flavors together.
    I don’t have kids to make snacks for, but I personally struggle with the some of the same ideas–a box of crackers is so much easier than making a batch myself, but (aside from a few guilty pleasures) I always prefer the homemade versions. I tend to do big batches and freeze snack-ables when appropriate. Saves time!

  6. I have some figs at home and I was looking for a recipe… found it!


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