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  1. This is such a beautiful salad! It’s so hard to pick favorites, but beets are probably one of my most favorite vegetables!!

    I’ve talked about signing up for a csa for years, but couldn’t find someone to share with or I just wasn’t on the ball. Thanks for the great reminder, I really want to sign up this year!!

    • Hi Kelli, I am so glad you like the salad, and that you’re thinking of a CSA! Some farms will let you do a bi-weekly membership, or can hook you up with someone else who wants to share, so it might be worth reaching out to see. Here’s to spring!

  2. This salad is full of soooo much goodness! I love it!

  3. This is a gorgeous salad, and I love the idea of a beet green salsa verde! My boyfriend and I just recently signed up for a CSA, and I am pretty excited about it! We eat so many vegetables, so I’m thinking it will be perfect for us.

  4. I am completely mesmerized by that first gorgeous photo. This salad sounds simply fantastic. I sent in my CSA check a little while ago! For a quick minute I thought about the work involved, but then I remembered how the benefits far outweigh any inconvenience. We definitely eat more veggies when our CSA is around and it inspires me endlessly in the kitchen. Can’t wait! And I can’t wait to see what you get in yours and the resulting beautiful recipes.

    • Thanks for the kind words about my photo, Nicole. I like what you say about CSAs. It is a lot of work, and up north, a LOT of greens and radishes and zucchini, but I think part of the fun is using these vegetables up week after week. It’s a fun challenge.

  5. Elizabeth

    I have belonged to a CSA for several years and absolutely love it!! It makes me so happy when I get my box of veggies and plan all the yummy things I’m going to make.

  6. MB

    Thanks so much for the CSA reminder… Need to put that on the to-do list :). And the salad is gorgeous… Can’t wait to try it!

  7. Your blog is so beautiful!!!! I can’t even handle it. You make carrots look like superstars. Also, thanks for the tip ^ in your comments–I might reach out to my local CSA and see if they can do something like a bi-weekly shipment for me because I would love to participate but it’s just too much for 1-2 people!

  8. YUM! I made this for lunch today and it was SO tasty! I read the recipe through a few times, but wasn’t sure where you used the cumin? (I probably missed it). I guessed it’s to be added to the salsa verde, and I was short on time so I just whizzed up all of the salsa verde ingredients together, and it was fab! Can’t wait to eat the rest for lunch tomorrow :) Thanks for a great recipe.


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