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the old fashioned, simplified // brooklyn supperWe’ve long been proponents of a more relaxed cocktail culture. This week, we turned our attention to the Old Fashioned. Once just a mixture of liquor, sugar, and bitters, time and fussy mixologists transformed the Old Fashioned into a whiskey-only drink, with requisite Maraschino cherries and orange slices. Things got a little silly. But we’re here to say, it doesn’t have to be that way. Reclaim the Old Fashioned! Head over to Cosmopolitan for our simplified take.

the old fashioned, simplified // brooklyn supper

And speaking of Cosmopolitan, we’ve started regularly contributing to their Food & Cocktail page. My plan is to put together a regular weekend post with links and recipes that have piqued our interest,  as well as some of our work from around the web. How’s that sound?

Weekend reading:

1. This drink looks fantastic
2. A guide to Snapchat for olds
3. How poverty makes people sick
4. How you can help feed 100 South African children for a year
5. Positivity, and five other things that make internet content go viral
6. Demand for pastured pork is on the rise

the old fashioned, simplified // brooklyn supper

And from us:

1. The Old Fashioned, simplified
2. 20 lovely olive oil cakes
3. Baked eggs with kale and crispy onions
4. Cauliflower’s having a moment –– 17 cauliflower recipes you’ll love
5. Healthy dinners that double as lunch
6. 16 soul-warming (really) pasta recipes
7. Parsnip mac and cheese
8. Perfecting the winter salad

the old fashioned, simplified // brooklyn supper


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    Love your update on the old fashioned recipe – it was my grandmother’s favorite… this version has inspired me to try one soon! A big thank you for sharing the link to The Giving Table. What an inspired idea!

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