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  1. Working in a cube is the soul-sucking worst. So glad you got out.

  2. OOooh… this sounds so bright and flavourful and refreshing. Exactly what I love in a winter salad. Sadly, I spend my days in cubicle-land, so I can’t just wander over to the kitchen to fix myself up a bowl at lunchtime, but with a little pre-planning it can still be mine. :)

  3. These photos are great, I just used my first cara cara orange in a salad the other day…so glad the season is back!

  4. This looks so delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Shannon

    The grey of January beats the pants off the grey of the cube! I recently made two salads with shaved brussels sprouts. The first with a food processor and second with a knife. Wasn’t thrilled with either method. Did you use a mandolin to shave the sprouts?

    • Hi Shannon, Thank heavens we got out, right? Sorry your question has languished here for so long — as an answer, I’d say that I use a mandoline for most of the sprout and then switch to a sharp knife. I’ve done the food processor and was also unsatisfied with the texture. And I’ve done all knife, but it’s tough to get a good, thin consistency. If using the mandoline, be very careful. A steel mesh glove makes things easy and safe (I really need to get one.)

  6. It looks so fresh, i still figure out what am i going to change the tahini with if i cannot find it in supermarket. thanks

    • Hi there, I have a nut allergy, so I’m a little limited in flavors I’ve actually tried, but I think a tablespoon or two of nut butter (either peanut or something else) might give a similar creamy nuttiness as tahini.

  7. Dressing sounds great! Don't have mandolin, but will just cut larger sprouts in half and slice with a chef knife. can't wait to try this and also vary it with other winter greens

    Dressing sounds great! Don’t have a mandolin, but will cut larger sprouts in half, and then slice. Can’t wait to try this; and plan to try variations with other winter greens as well. Thanks for sharing your inspiring photography and recipe.


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