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  1. Sounds so yummy! Where do you get juniper berries?

  2. Love the phrase about the clear light of January – I need some of that light. Here’s to a happy 2014 to you and your family. I look forward to seeing more of you beautiful photographs, wise words and delicious recipes this year.

  3. This sounds fabulous! Love the flavour!

  4. Alix

    Where is the wooden serving/cutting board from that’s pictured in your photos? I have been looking for one like that for some time!

  5. You are the source of all things yummy! The man had one of these on New Year’s Eve in Maui. No juniper berries in that version but there will be when I make them this weekend back at home!

  6. Hello dear – I loved the honesty of this post. I’m at a crux in life – wondering if I’m ready to leave this city of mine (not far, but still) and reading your post definitely makes me appreciate those little things. The coffeeshop around the corner, the park, the ability to grab dinner with a friend on a whim. Perhaps these things are all more important than lack of a parking spot :) But, I am sure that we all thrive where we are planted. I hope this year brings new adventures, discovery and creativity. Much love to you and your beautiful family!

  7. Elizabeth, I hear you loud and clear. I remember so well when my second baby was 2. Of course I loved her madly, but I was tired, bone tired and I was desperate for time to myself. (Plus moving away from the city can be lonely and isolating with a needy little one at home.)

    I hope 2014 brings you the breathing room and inspiration you deserve!


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