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  1. I want to come to YOUR dinner parties!!! As soon as I saw that first picture, my mouth hit the floor – it looks sooo delicious. Rain shmain.

  2. dude. that looks insane. I am very intimidated by smoking and grilling. but maybe I will try if I get to eat this!

  3. i can smell it through my computer.

    seriously, this looks incredible. i had to make a massive batch of gingerbread dough at work this morning and i was reminded how amazing molasses is.

    i might even need to head to the store right now for pork shoulder.

  4. I feel like this pork is singing to me! This is amazing! Btw – your cutting board is gorgeous!

  5. This sounds pretty perfect to me – the food, the smoke, the smell. Everything is just right.

  6. wow, just wow. Inspired to get my pork shoulder on!
    Heidi xo

  7. Judy

    OMG! This looks delicious. I can almost taste it through my computer!



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