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  1. Stunning!
    Honestly, I’m scared of the NYC winter…maybe it’s because the place is so full of transplants, but in my brief time here it seems New Yorkers aren’t as tolerant of the cold as I assumed.

    • Thanks Sarah! You’re right that some New Yorkers aren’t tolerant of the cold, but I love how the weather is such an afterthought anyway, that it doesn’t matter. I’ve never lived in a place where people so casually walk through thunderstorms or make it to the bar in a foot of snow (or wander around in the middle of a “super storm”). My obsession with lightening safety aside, it’s one of the things I most love about NYC.

  2. I totally agree with you about New Yorkers braving tons of snow. And I love NYC winter wonderland. It’s just so magical.

    And also this ice cream. I could devour it, sitting in the snow :)

  3. That simply looks fantastic! Wonderful flavor combo.

  4. Really wishing I could have this for breakfast right about now :)

  5. Beautiful ice cream! Even though the weather is getting a little cooler I would still gooble it up!!

  6. Beautiful recipe…. and it’s interesting to read about my northern hemisphere friends experiencing the start of fall, whereas here we are just nudging springtime!

  7. Plum ice cream – hell to the yes.

  8. Looks delicious – what a good combo of flavours.

  9. I am so not on top of fruit-hoarding this year. I did manage to make a few jars of plum preserves, but now you’ve got me wanting this ice cream. Also, I have distinctly been feeling the arrival of fall.


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