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  1. Oh this is lovely; just exactly the kind of food that I love to eat.

  2. Looks gorgeous – simple and delicious.

  3. Julie

    I’m nervous to put tomatoes in my cast iron skillet, should this recipe be okay for it?

  4. So beautiful and so simple. Perfect as always!!

  5. Wowza! Am loving the fall recipes and the grits are an awesome pairing.

  6. What a gorgeous dish! I love the beautiful colors and that you used chicken thighs.

  7. Elizabeth, your new symphony sounds delightful! While I do love cities, I’d rather hear crickets than traffic any day. So good to hear you all are settling in.
    And your baked chicken looks like just the kind of dinner I should be making these days:)

  8. I want to make this tonight…but it looks like there are greens in the photo and none in the recipe? Should I add greens?

  9. calvin

    how to get nutritional analysis for this dish?

  10. Danielle

    Where is the SAUCE coming from?

  11. Shawn

    Nice recipe. Planning on making it tonight.

    Is there anything you recommend using for the basting? I was thinking garlic butter, but what would you suggest?

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Shawn,

      Glad to hear it! We used the cooking liquid to baste the chicken, but I think garlic butter sounds divine! My guess is it will impart a nice, complimentary richness to the dish. Enjoy!

      • Shawn

        The butter and garlic went well together with it for basting.

        Very happy with the results and easy to make. I could’ve used more kale, but I wasn’t sure if the bits sticking out from under the chicken would be inedible or not, so I held back on the kale a bit.

        I used a variety of different tomatoes (roma, grape, slicing, and green). Turned out good and I’ll make again.

        • Elizabeth

          Hi Shawn,
          I am so glad to hear that the recipe turned out well! Thank you for sharing your recipe feedback!


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