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  1. I never thought deeply about apple picking until I lived in the city and had to hike out to the suburbs to do it–I grew up picking apples at the orchard 5 minutes from my house. Even if it is “trendy,” I still think it’s important to know where your food comes from and there’s something thrilling about standing in the middle of an apple tree, after climbing past branches on the quest for the perfect, unblemished apple. Pick on, my dear!

    • Totally agree Kelly. No matter where we live, like here with apple orchards all over, or in the city, we’ll always drag our kids out there just for the chance to see a farm at work. And this year, I’ll make a point of climbing to the highest rung on the apple tree ladder. Cheers!

  2. in the uk, I learned the word “scrumping”. It basically describes the unsanctioned pilfering of apples from abandoned orchards…especially good for cider making!

    • Hi Kirstin, Nice to have you pop in! Your comment is funny because I just heard about National Gleaning Day where the harvest is gleaned to feed the hungry. But yeah, I’m always kind of shocked by all the wasted fruit at pick your own orchards.

  3. Man, I know farming is hard work and I know it’s harder work than I do in my nice work-from-home computer life. I have so much respect for farmers. That’s why I kind of look at going to farmers’ markets and going to farms to pick apples or blueberries or pumpkins is a way of showing that respect, going straight to the source and being thankful for the people who make our food supply possible.

    • Hi Shanna, that’s so well put! I love our farm trips, and always relish the chance to get our girls out to see where their food comes from. Apples aren’t quite as bad, but I’m pretty sure my heart grew five sizes the day we went strawberry picking. That is some really hard work.

  4. Oohhh.. so fun! I hope we get to go for apple picking, up north. There’s none here in Florida. These apple pancakes are divine :)

  5. And this is why I love your blog – more than recipes (that are lovely), you also write engaging stories and delve into topics like this one.


  6. Is that barbecue chicken a thing?? Ick.
    The recipe sounds delightful – love the nutmeg.

  7. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post. Nice to see someone acknowledging the essentially false nature of our search for ‘authenticity’, but still seeing it’s value anyway. It might not be exactly real, but neither are my false eye lashes and I still love those.

  8. I’ve been wanting to go apple picking for the longest time! These photos are so cute and the pancakes look SO delicious! I have buckets of apples at home at the moment so I cant wait to try your recipe out this weekend! Thanks!

  9. I’m in love with your pancakes. I love the slightly burned crisp edges. Those are seriously always my fave part!!!

  10. Sure it’s easy to just head to the grocery store, but apple picking is a fun experience- especially for kids! They enjoy being able to eat a piece of fruit that they just picked. Many apple picking farms offer many more attractions as well, so it’s really a full day of fun!

  11. You’ve totally inspired me to go apple picking! And these pancakes – yes! It’s the breakfast of champions!

  12. I love this post and I completely relate with you. We love visiting the orchards and going apple-picking for the same reasons you do. Despite the “tourism” we enjoy getting out of the city and spending the day outdoors…. and because we love food, an outdoor event that revolves around food makes us happy :) thanks for this post, it’s cute :)

  13. jo_mi_co

    i want these RIGHT NOW.


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