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  1. I love this lookback! I, too, have moved away from cocktails, but in the last few months, have started to get inspired and intrigued by the more ingredient-driven libations. Making shrub has been high on my summer to-do list (which I’m terribly behind on). I am going to have to try this before all the peaches are gone! xo

  2. I feel like everyone has been drinking shrubs without me and this is certain proof. There’s so many things I love about them in concept, so maybe I need to run with your recipe a bit. Also, I am phasing out of my gin martini phase and BACK into bourbon on the rocks (but preferably on ice, seriously) out of a need for some simplicity too. Pour-overs and basic tipples are way more appealing nowadays. I love, love, love the colour mix in that last photo too.

  3. I have to tell you that I made this. I’m drinking it now and I love it!

  4. I love anything this time of year that involves peaches, these look almost too pretty to drink!

  5. Thanks for these peach shrub and peach shrub Collins recipes. The sound like wonderful ideas for the summer.

  6. I’ve been enjoying the use of shrubs for a couple of years; they are not new but they are certainly enjoying a comeback. At one time simply a way to preserve some of summers harvest during the winter; I love them like you do in a simple cocktail. SO many options opened up with different fruits and different vinegars!

    Peaches in Colorado are at their very best; this is an inspiration of just one more way to use their bounty. As my daughter would say? Nummers!

  7. Linda

    What are your thoughts on a Lychee shrub? Would you use fresh or tin lychees?

  8. Christian Harrison

    The peaches I have are pretty fuzzy. Do you blanch and skin your peaches? Or strain everything through a fine cloth?

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Christian, After the shrub has co-mingled for a while, you’ll want to strain all of the fruit, skins and all, so that you’re left with a sugary syrup. For extra fuzzy peaches, I just give them a good rinse and rub off some of the fuzz under the running water. Enjoy!


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