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  1. This looks delicious…and beautiful. It almost makes me want to decorate with it.

  2. Never had purple broccoli or romanesco! But I really want to. Gosh so gorgeous! I totally get writer’s block. More often than makes me happy. But once I can write, I can REALLY write.

  3. Oh, this looks delicious, I want to try it this week. I love the purple cauliflower; we got a bright-green head recently and that was fun to cook, too.

  4. thank you for recipe!Loking delicious..

  5. Jaime

    Hi Elizabeth, I would like to publish this recipe. Please contact me At Jaime@steinbeckproduce.com Thank you!

  6. Robb

    Hands down the best cauliflower ever. Perfect balance of flavor and heat, and the bit of browning/caramelizing gives it that extra roasted sweetness.

    Made it with purple cauliflower first, and yellow/orange cauliflower a few weeks later. Purple is definitely prettier.

    Thank you!

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