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  1. you are so inspiring. i keep thinking about your post about leaving brooklyn and i remember reading it RIGHT when i was thinking i wasn’t terribly happy with brooklyn and i came really close to moving back home this year. in the end i decided to stay for at least one more year, but i gather some time in the future i will do exactly what you’re doing now. and it’s really comforting to read your thoughts on it all. i can’t wait to read about your journey home!

    • Thanks Molly! It feels so scary to leave and your words are truly comforting. I know it’s silly, but the mystique of NYC seems to penetrate everything, and it seems as if I might disappear upon leaving. But yeah, fresh air, space, and ease all sound so good right now.

      • “…it seems as if I might disappear upon leaving” <—–THIS exactly describes how I've felt since leaving Toronto after ten years and returning to smallish, quiet Vancouver. I've been back about 18 months now and I'm slowly finding my sealegs.

        Now, Toronto isn't NYC and we moved for other reasons (a MIL needing help) but it still has been a hard transition.

        The bright side? The girl is flourishing, the man's work has opened up new opportunities and I'm taking way more creative risks.

        It's just a new chapter – "that's when we lived in Brooklyn and this is us back in Virginia". It'll be good.

  2. Judy

    Home is where your heart is (and your kitchen). Bon chance!

  3. Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing the link to my new site. I’m so happy I got the chance to see you tonight, and I can’t wait to follow along with your cooking and gardening adventures in Virginia. xoxo

  4. Wishing you and your family a safe, speedy, and happy move, Elizabeth! Boxing up your life and leaving what you’ve known for a long while is strange and bittersweet, but starting a new chapter in a different place and making a new space your own can be so much fun. (: I flirt with the idea of living in North Carolina or Virginia now and again since they are quite similar to the northeast, but with less snow and more gardening time — that pretty much sounds like the best to me!

    And this ice cream, oh my! I’ve had my eye on David Lebovitz’s goat cheese ice cream recipe since last year, but the additions of balsamic and salt in this recipe sound beyond killer. This will happen in my kitchen this summer.

    • Thanks Carey–I’m so glad you like the ice cream! And man, strange and bittersweet is so true. I walked out of our apartment for the last (or maybe next-to-last, time yesterday) and after a lot of mixed feelings beforehand, I feel really ready to make the leap into this calm and nature-filled life.

  5. This ice cream sounds wonderful! I’ve always wanted to try a goat cheese ice cream and I love the addition of balsamic vinegar. Pretty perfect. Wishing you so much luck and safe travels!

  6. Katie K.

    I have never commented on a blog before, but really felt compelled to do so. We just left Brooklyn about a year ago and moved to Denver. I won’t lie- I miss NY more than I thought I would, but then I look at my daughter playing in our back yard, or I go the the grocery store and don’t have to carry the bags up three flights of stairs and I feel better. It’s not an easy choice to leave, but it will be a great new adventure. Good luck with it all, and just remember you can always go back and visit!

    • Katie, Right in the middle of our move, your comment made my day! And I think what you say is so right on––it’s not easy to leave so of the comforts of NYC like brunch on Saturday, or any day really, a deli across the street, or really good delivery, but the benefits you describe are exactly the kind of thing I’m looking forward to. Thanks so much for commenting!

  7. So glad you tried out the ice cream! Isn’t it awesome? Best of luck with your move. I’m sure there will be lots to love.

  8. What a lovely recipe, Elizabeth. Definitely going to try this in Summer. Wishing you a happy move.

  9. Jenny

    Ohhhh MY GOSH i cannot even DEAL with how amazing this looks! Gorgeous photography too! I think you’ve convinced me to buy an icecream maker. And also good luck returning home (:


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