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  1. yum! i have a bunch of leftover coconut from making macaroons :-) must make this!

  2. granola looks yummy and we trust you two to always serve up delicious, fresh, honest food. keep the posts coming, however you can. that’s what’s most important!

  3. I personally love “dang nabit”. I’ve been thinking of making a nice, healthy, low sugar granola; this one looks perfect.

  4. Reeva

    Thanks for sharing this…do u have a sub for the orange?

  5. Sounds delicious, will give it a go. Have just come across your blog recently and am really enjoying it.



  6. i am really trying to find something more to say than YUM but that’s all that comes to mind. congrats on the sponsored posts! i find that they’re a great way to get introduced to new products when done right – which i know you will! xo

  7. Oh my, my. I just spent an embarrassing amount of time in the grocery store aisle at war with myself about a bag of very expensive granola. I kept telling myself “making granola at home may be cheaper, but it’s so time consuming!” and “look how cute this packaging is!”.

    I’m proud to say I put the bag back on the shelf and saved myself $5. And I’m even happier that you posted this recipe, because I think I’ll reward my thriftiness with a big batch of this gosh darn coconut granola. (Speaking of big batches, my favorite recipe yield is now “a lot”. Haha!)

    Love the combination of coconut and orange! Gorgeous photo.

  8. I have no idea why, but I have never ever ever made my own granola. Which is strange, as I consume granola all the time. It’s just something I’ve never tried. But I’ve been researching recipes and I think it’s time. And this recipe might just be the one I start with. It looks wonderful!


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