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  1. Yum, I love the Morrocan food, it’s so fragrant and aromatic. I think it would be great for dinner parties, too, which I’ve never really considered before! The smell as your friends walk in would be awesome.

  2. Reeva

    Lamb shoulder…say no more. Thanks for posting this…perfect for a chilly day!

  3. JN

    You say to use half the lemon and half the garlic to make a paste and reserve it… but then what do you do with it?

  4. Seems yummy – would you know if it could work in a slow-cooker (for the simmering part)?

    • Hi Alicia, I think this would be wonderful in a slow cooker. Unfortunately, I don’t have one at home so I can’t offer up any advice, though I bet a basic slow cooker tagine recipe might give you some guidance on best technique. You’ll just want to be sure a sear the lamb before simmering. I’d love to hear about your experience if you do end up trying it. Thanks for checking out the recipe!

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