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  1. I love simple, roasted vegetables! The addition of the gremolata and pomegranate sounds perfect. Stay warm!

  2. your photos are wonderful!! i’m always looking for ways to jazz up roasted veggies, this looks yum-o.

  3. I’m a little late to the root vegetable game. I grew up on potatoes, frozen turnips and the occasional sweet potato. I have to say that it’s been a bit of a love fest ever since cooking my own turnips and roasting my own beets. I’m always looking for a new way to use root vegetables (other than roasting, mashing or, in the case of beets, juicing).

    also, your photos are stunning!

    • Hi Kelly, I know what you mean–I was a late bloomer with root vegetables too. I’m not sure what I ate during the pre-root vegetable winters, but now in the cold months I love their simplicity. And, so glad you like the photography. Thank you!

  4. natalie

    sounds awesome. rutabagas, turnips, roasted roots of all kinds make my day when it’s chilly. i usually go straight up but this recipe is certainly going to make me mix it up a little. my vocabulary too is stoked. ‘arils’ i will try to use that word at least 2 more times today….!

  5. Jan

    Your photos are always so appealing! While I love pomegranate juice I confess to just startjng to use the real fruit. I will be trykng tbis for sure!

    • Hi Jan, Pomegranates are great fresh! I recommend getting the whole fruit since it’s much cheaper than the prepared arils. There are some great how-to videos to show you how to separate them from the pith too.

  6. Fan

    I just made this with rutabagas (swedes). Very good indeed.

    But it occurred to me that the photo showed kohlrabis… they are so much lighter in color!

    Rutabagas where I live are orange when cooked. In my country the names are also often misunderstood.

    Anyway, I’m sure this recipe works with kohlrabis as well!



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