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  1. Fluffy clouds and more daylight always does it for me, too! This salad is gorgeous! Just looking at these photos is like taking a tropical vacation. I love Cara Cara oranges so much.

  2. you had me at mustard. and all of those colors! it is so nice to see some lovely colors when there aren’t so many outside. or maybe they are today… i wouldn’t know, i haven’t any windows near me right now…

  3. This looks fabulous! I just got my hands on fresh picked oranges…this might be dinner tonight :-)

  4. I’m really enjoying winter salads at the moment and this combination of ingredients is great inspiration for my next one!

  5. Amy C

    Wow, I can’t wait to try this salad. I need a winter pick-me-up and this seems to be just the right thing! Thank you Elizabeth.

  6. Patrick

    This salad is designed for my family!!!! Thanks, your stuff always helps inspire us.
    (Bacon and avocado may be brought in to wreck shop, I know you would approve!)

  7. natalie

    as a vegan, i hit the salad department year-round and am always looking for new inspiration and combinations…. thanks for providing!!!

  8. Jan

    I was looking at this post at work and several coworkers commented on the amazing colors and how it just looks so fresh & healthy! Can’t wait to try it! (And you havd picked up some new fans here)

  9. Elizabeth, yum! Yours is just the kind of bright citrusy salad I crave this time of year. Thank goodness nature has given us goodies like your gorgeous cara caras to bring some cheer in the middle of winter!
    Love your blog,

  10. Love the bright colours of this salad! Sometimes you need to brighten up your winter dinners to help bring the sunshine in.

  11. I love to hear about happy married couples who still so thoroughly enjoy each others’ company! As the end of winter nears, I’m feeling frantic to get as much citrus possible while I still can. This salad is absolutely beautiful. Pinned it.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for saying that – I feel so lucky to have such a great husband, and it is really nice that we can still make each other laugh. And yes to citrus hoarding. It’s starting to dwindle here, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a batch of marmalade somewhere along the way. Thanks for the pin!

  12. Kathy Hill

    This sounds wonderful, but one crucial question: How much mustard? It’s missing from the ingredients list. Thanks! Can’t wait to try it.

  13. Kathy Hill

    Beautiful! I’d love to try this tonight. But one crucial question: How much mustard in the dressing? It’s missing from the ingredients list. Thanks!


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